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Tamarack And Rune

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Hi all, just wanted to post a long overdue update on my two!

It's been a while since I've posted anything, and as many of you know (and were so kindly quick to offer help - thank you again for that!) I was having a series of issues with Rune and his behavior. I am happy to report that he's really come around as he's matured and is shaping up to be a great dog. He has come such a long way it is hard for me to believe at times that he is in fact the same dog I struggled with for so, so long. He still exhibits some of his old behaviors on occasion, but these instances are increasingly few and far between and often do not last long. Better yet, I handle it better when he does slip back a bit because I know now that it's 'phasing out.' I don't let his behavior hold me back as much and we have been working on throwing ourselves head on into living our lives - and succeeding. Week after week we're accomplishing 'firsts' - Rune's first successful big hike on a populated mountain without barking at a single thing, first hike with BOTH dogs on a populated mountain without barking at a single thing, first solo camping trip with both dogs, first time letting Rune off leash at a public beach with other dogs in sight, etc etc... and he's acing every single one of them. I'm even starting to train him in a mushing harness with hopes to turn them into a sled dog team this coming winter and he's doing fantastic with it.


Rune and T have also developed more of a relationship which has become increasingly adorable as Rune matures and T becomes more appreciative of his adult company. They have a habit of being side by side so much of the time and because they interpret the world in such a similar way they tend to react to it in an identical fashion... which results in quite a bit of 'twinning' photos :rolleyes:


I know everyone really comes to these threads for photos, so here we go... I'm sorry, there are a LOT! I will try not to overload, but it's hard because I have so many to choose from. Those of you on Instagram can find more photos and lots of videos on my very active account 'tamarack_and_rune'. Those of you who aren't on Instagram - consider joining! There's a pretty big AIdog presence on there and we have some really good dialogues on the breed and help each other out quite a lot. The power of the AIdog community definitely goes beyond this forum :wub:







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You know we are one of your biggest fans --thanks for all the patient advice and the beautiful photos...i am heartened to hear that the barking will subside...seems Zuni has something to say about a lot of stuff and he can a little bit of a pain....

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Thank you very much for the update and especially the fabulous photos.

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NorCal - Rune will still bark at things sometimes, but it is with less intensity now (for the most part). His biggest set off is when other dogs we are with start barking at something and then he will almost always explode excessively. But when it's just us its usually more of a quiet woofing now. The one instance he does revert back to being as barky as he was as a pup is when we're camping and hanging around the campsite at night. He gets super reactive to all the other campers moving around in the area which is pretty irritating, but we did do a 3 night camping trip a couple weeks ago and by the third night he was a *little* bit better... so I'm guessing that with continued exposure it will subside eventually. He used to be very reactive to neighborhood noises when we went out to pee at night even in the yard and now he is not so much! The excessive barking seemed to really peak around 9 months if I remember correctly and then gradually decreased. Hang in there, there's hope :)

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Oh and because this never fails to crack me up - the difference between my two dogs' personalities captured on video!:




Rune is whip smart and doesn't hesitate to come up with a working solution to any problem presented to him. Tamarack, while also smart, is always determined to do precisely what I ask of him even though in his head it may seem implausible. Poor T, his method doesn't always work out for him :lol: :lol:

(does anyone know how to imbed a video rather than having to post a link? I tried copy/pasting the embed code but it didn't work)

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Glad to hear of the progress with his maturing. Loved all the photos AND the vids! Especially like the photo of the two lying down and smiling! :D


I don't have instragram - thanks for posting here!

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Thanks so much for the pictures!!! Of course with T being Chhaya's nephew I love to get the updates....happy for you that the two are good together and that Rune is getting better with things! Your tough love is working uh? :)

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