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We had a grand micro gathering in Michigan. IMG_6525.jpg It was really about the cheese cake. Of which there was only one piece left to photograph...

IMG_6417.jpg The kitchen helper


Pumpkins are evil, apparently. I am the gate keeper, Kona you shall not pass... IMG_6429.jpg On the first day we abandon

Scott to go see the Alden Dow House and Studio. He took a nap after we got back. We don't know why. https://www.abdow.org




IMG_6431.jpg IMG_6443.jpg We christened the new fire ring.



Brother and sister IMG_6499.jpgIMG_6506.jpgIMG_6511.jpg

it was decreed that Chris's birthday shall last 3 days IMG_6515.jpgIMG_6517.jpgIMG_6520.jpgIMG_6514.jpg

The frogs sang after Waka left. We don't know why.


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IMG_6488.jpg We decided on Memorial Day 2017 for our next get together in Sanford Michigan. Julie is planning to make 2 pies. Shoot me a note if you might be interested in turning up.

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looks like you all had a lot of fun!

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Love that fire ring!


How can I get to Michigan? let me see.....

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