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Bachelor Girls & The Boy Is Gone

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The energy was excited, optimistic, somewhat stressed and not a little bit confused. Lili & Kona couldn’t quite figure out what was going on but they knew something was up. It’s unusual for the entire family to be mobilized, planning & packing at the same time and in Lili’s experience this has not turned out well. Typically that means that the peoples are going somewhere & not taking the dogs along.


This time though two of the three peoples were leaving the Fuzzard® sisters.


My son Nick left for university on the 19th of August. He, like many college bound, has too much stuff. He asked Julie to accompany him cross country in our Suburu outback as the freight solution. I’ve stayed here to hold down the proverbial fort.


He’s now in Prescott, Arizona at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to study to be a commercial pilot. Excitement doesn’t even begin to cover the general feeling in the weeks leading up to departure. He’s done a great job with preparations and he’s totally ready to get on with the next chapter in his life. Both Julie & I are very excited and thrilled for him to say the least. The girls however didn’t really get what was going on.




Normal workdays are pretty routine with a start in the 6 am range & off to the office by about 9 or so after completion of household chores, virtual office activity (emails & things) & general purpose kind of stuff like reading, breakfast & the like. Lili & Kona are very used to this routine and Kona spends the majority of this time out in the yard weather permitting. She’s a very outside dog whereas Lili is very much an inside kind of dog. The challenge is miss outside loudmouth is never long in the quiet department. She’ll go on forever woofing & barking & carrying on. It’s a constant struggle. Usually though, if the yards surrounding ours are quiet she too will locate herself in a quiet, strategically optimal place from which to surveil her domain.


The Fuzzard® sisters stayed behind since the projected departure time was 11 AM and I left the house as per typical on the 19th returning to give a hug, pick up the little Fuzzards® & scoot back to the office but our arrival back home later that day wasn’t typical for the girls. A borderline panicked search ensued for Julie & Nick (and has continued as such every time we return home in the evening this week). The disruption to the daily routine was such that a seed was planted that morning that people are leaving and there had to be search conducted in the afternoon to account for all personnel. Two personnel are unaccounted for. Oh the humanity!


My response? What else? Dog Park!



We headed over to the park to run with the pack a little bit but weather interrupted a couple of days. They enjoyed themselves immensely and were fairly well spent which made the evenings more even keel but they were not happy though as it was pretty obvious that we were missing two key members of the compliment of crew members so there must be a problem. Perhaps here, behind the sofa? No. Okay, wait, I’ll check the back bedroom/office…no… I JUST CHECKED THIS KONA let’s go look in the bedroom again! Wait, did you look in the bathroom? C’mon!!!


The first weekend was a challenge because my computer was beginning to spaz out and become very unstable after an upgrade to Windows Ten which is otherwise known as “sign your soul over to the technocratic underground torture conglomerate which is designed to not only strip you of assets but to indoctrinate you in the proper fury to accompany a tech support call at 2:30 in the afternoon on a Sunday".


This after 5 hours of installation problems and configuration issues and networking conflicts and wirelessnessism.


Not to mention the overwhelming desire to take an Acetylene torch to the old computer for having dared to become unstable after a self-directed upgrade to Ten in the first place! This misplaced anger at the old computer is just symptomatic of the underlying rage we all feel at the helplessness that the technology heavy world in which we live exposes our ineptitude more easily than perhaps our ancestors might have had to face. Enough of the psychotherapeutic analysis…I was filled with a psychotic rage & needed release! Immediately…!


Violent, white hot, murderous rage must be quenched!!!!


So what did I do?


I bought a new computer…equipped with Windows Ten!


So the weekend was spent bringing this newly minted Dell miracle of technological advancement online so we can hit the ground running on Monday. Sacrifice a few hours of my relax time on the weekend for a smooth entry into the workweek.




The best laid plans of mice and men.


So….Thursday I solve the last of the minor nagging problems which was the fact that I could not send emails with Outlook 2016 without an error message indicating that my server didn’t exist. What a revelation that after twenty years online our server ceased to exist. Cue the X-Files music.


Oh, forgot to mention that Julie’s printer decided that Revelucion and self-immolation was the best course of action to take after deciding that it had had enough of the low self-esteem caused by growing up in the technology labs of Hewlett-Packard. Those scanners and network routers can be hell on the playground.


This, right before my newly minted Dell miracle arrived. So…this hung over all as an unfinished problem…


Meanwhile, the Fuzzard® sisters were on their best behavior because, while I’m a joy and privilege to be around 98% of the time there are occasions at which I’m not at my best and this week was one of those situations.


There was no one around that could confirm this but I thought that I smelled sulfur at one point at the height of my despair. Dinsdale Piranha has nothing on me.


There’s only so much a Fuzz® can do to before it all becomes too much and the need to ‘go outside’ becomes overwhelming. Typically in the case of a Fuzz® this relates to ‘bathroom related issues’, to put it in human terms, which if you think about it; it is absurd to use ‘bathroom’ to describe that function on the part of a dog because if the dog deposits in the bathroom it would not be a good experience. If, however, the dog deposits in the bathroom hardware, as per human use, it would instead be an instant ticket to viral video superstardom and perhaps a whole youtube channel that produces tens of thousands of dollars a minute in advertising revenue at a minimum.


My particular Fuzzards® though have another use for the ‘outside’ call. It’s to seek and destroy. Or poop. Whichever comes first? They’ve pretty much cleared the area around the office of any type of rodentia that was unlucky enough to locate themselves in this area. This week the requests for patrols, as I’ve come to call them, have increased dramatically. Not sure if that’s a seeking response based on the routine disruption or just coincidence.


Since our family unit has gone through a second downsize and Lili has witnessed both we’ll see how they adjust to life with just two peoples. As I write this my wife is on her way back from Colorado after a short visit with her brother in the springs. She’s due late in the evening even perhaps over into the wee hours as Sinatra crooned.


A new chapter indeed…



oh yea.jpg
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Hmmmm...we'll be leaving Kaposia home with our grandson soon while we take a 3 day weekend. Wonder how she'll cope, as she's so far gone everywhere with us. It's been a busy summer dealing with burst pipes and 9,000 gallons of water running through two stories and into the basement of one of our rental homes. Insurance took care of things very well, thank goodness. Here are a few photos of our girl...meeting the new baby, with her crew of grandchild pals, in the motor home while we camped, and napping (sooooo sweet and quiet when she naps!)







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China, which one are you?

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I'm the one on the right.


Actually,that's Nick from a snuggle a few years ago when Lili was flying solo pre Kekona.



So the trip home was uneventful with only the occasional pit stop. However, at one point there was law enforcement involved as a certain vehicle had surpassed the posted velocity standards. Well, I would classify that as an event but apparently I'm incorrect, it was merely an occurrence. The situation returned to normal shortly thereafter and the rest of the trip was truly without event.


Julie's arrival home was met with great fanfare by the girls who were overjoyed by the return of one of the personnel. Since she arrived very late, actually one minute after midnight on the 27th, there was that disruption to the normal cycle of the day which made the greeting ritual longer and more effervescent in its excitement.


Our nephew Mike had spent the season fishing for salmon in Alaska and was able to return home to Colorado Springs with about 40 pounds worth of fish filet. Julie was able to smuggle two of them out and return home with this treasure in tow. We've already eaten one and the other is not long for existence to be honest.


In the ensuing days the girls maintained the routine but there was something missing and they were out of sorts. Kekona especially has this deep underlying sort of depression going on. She's still her usual certifiably insane self but there's a 'sense' that something's off.


Luckily both kids are coming in next month for my parents eightieth birthday celebration. They were born a week apart, were married in 1959 and have raised two children of their own. My sister wanted a great, lavish celebration with a guest list 60+ strong. I, though, felt that it shouldn't be a big, involved affair and instead a small gathering of just family; our family. She and I, our spouses, our children. That's it. Plus, it would be less costly that way and my mother would be happy about that. ("Hey Mom, what do you want to do for your birthday?" "Oh, nothing, just make a bowl of spaghetti, you know, "for the kids"!")


So that goes down around the middle of the month of October.


Then the kids return for Gratitude Thursday! Which is nice because it's a rather long weekend so we've got that going on.


Then, of course, Saturnalia in December! I'm working hard to revive the old Roman Festival, seems like it was a lot of fun.


So by the looks of the schedule the girls should be thoroughly and completely confused by January third or fourth when everyone leaves again but this time it's permanent.


We're planning a move to Colorado next year...

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We're planning a move to Colorado next year...

Oh yes, please.

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Yet another group of comrades plotting escape from "Hellinois". Sad but true. We're right on your heels, but heading due North. Wishing you a successful smooth transition.


Thanks....we've been talking about this for about 7 years! Time is right.


The Fuzzard® sisters have adjusted to life with two peoples. Kekona still mourns, it seems, from time to time. Park time is a joy as always.


But there's something missing.

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Hmm, yep, my Yami (Tayamni) gets clingy for a few days when Kelli and Coffey go up to visit Mom. Tayamni has only done this since Roger passed (she mourned a month). Kelli is usually home during the day and when they are gone - it upsets Tayamni's routine - I think she's worried they won't return like Roger didn't. It's been a year this weekend I thought she'd be over him by now.,,, -


Glad yours are adjusting faster.


I'm sure they will adjust to your move as it will be an adventure for them.

Lili has made this adventure trip before , she will remember the fun and how much she enjoyed the mountains!

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