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...waka's Great Adventures

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Waka’ is a “flight risk” regardless of where we are, unfortunately. Able to let her run free within fenced area at off-leash dog parks.

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Ditto for his sister, Kaposia. If we ever let them off leash to play together, who knows what trouble they'd find?! Anywhere near traffic, and Kaposia's prey drive would kick in. If it moves, she chases it. At least she stopped lunging at cars while on leash a long time ago. For some odd reason she likes to spend a lot of time sniffing car tires. We stayed in a dog friendly hotel in Grand Rapids, MI this weekend, and the parking lot absolutely fascinated her...sniffing tires and wheel wells (?)

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Wait, Waka' is a female? I always thought male. Maybe the "wanderlust" is a girl thing.
nope my boy is also a "flight risk" he has always come back-it just the in between times that stress his human! That trip looks amazing--what comments does he get from The People? Edited by NorCal
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