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Rolling & Playing At The Dog Park, Fun, Fun!!!!!!!

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Hey y'all! Mom got Smm action shots of me while I was a playin'! Here's me with my BFFs, I don't know where Coffey is, he should have been her fur this pic ..... he can be such a brat <_ medusa is on top of the ramp with me .... we play a game and all boys bark at her lot she stands in middle snaps teeth like tuff or sumthin really likes though cuz friends class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image" href="%7B___base_url___%7D/uploads/monthly_07_2016/post-73790-0-25620300-1469827846.jpg"> Mom caught me hangin with my newest crush, im picky bout who i play with IMG_20160715_185358_edit.jpg It almost looks like my little brother from the back %%%%% I had to look at the picture twice Smmm people say were cousins but i call him my little brother he acts like a little brother anyway :P Coffey is chewing on a stick thing IMG_20160727_194829_crop.jpg I think I want it IMG_20160727_194840_crop.jpg watch me go!!!!!! IMG_20160727_194842_crop.jpg IMG_20160727_194846_crop.jpg IMG_20160727_194848_crop.jpg IMG_20160727_194850_crop.jpg IMG_20160727_194934_crop.jpg IMG_20160727_194936_crop.jpg IMG_20160727_194938_crop.jpg IMG_20160727_194939_crop.jpg I got even more moves :DIMG_20160727_200727_crop.jpg I gotta watch out for an mbush IMG_20160727_200728_crop.jpg It was quite a day, but now i, tred. need to eat and go to bed IMG_20160727_214046_crop.jpg kay enough pictures i need me beuty sleep! IMG_20160727_214130_crop.jpg IMG_20160715_185234_crop.jpg









Edited by Denise E.
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Oh, I give up - I edited one picture and then a whole bunch ended as attachments. .... blahhhhh!


Well, these photos were all uploaded to windows 7 and rotated and cropped. At least I have my answer to why some photos upload sideways ..... it's not me! It's Windows 10~!

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Were their more than we can see? I see 24 large pictures in one post. You are definitely pushing the limits. :lol:

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Were their more than we can see? I see 24 large pictures in one post. You are definitely pushing the limits. :lol:


all the pictures posted, I will cut down (try to), guess I'm been making up for the lack of posting for a while! :huh:

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