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American Indian Dogs Visit Ceremony Grounds

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I am hunka Lakota and have lived the family ways as taught to me for over 25 years. Ceremonies are a very important part of every day life.

One of the Lakota's Seven Sacred Rites is the Sun Dance Ceremony. This ceremony takes place during the summer and many families host / sponsor this ceremony (hundreds across the US on and off reservation). Prayers are for the good of the people.


One of our Lakota Chiefs spoke to us about how important the dogs were to the Lakotas, they weren't pets they were family (Lakota called them Sunka) and when the horse came along they named it Sunka Wakan. The ancestors had great respect for their dogs.


After our ceremony was over we traveled from Dallas back to the grounds and both AI Dogs got to sniff and check it all out.

Tayamni was on my trail that I took from my tent to the Purification lodges, well until it merged with a car trail and then she lost interest.

I enjoyed watching her track for the little while she did!


79. IMG_20160620_193621.jpg 80. a Chief Tipi and shader.jpg 81. Chief Crow Dog Jr at LSSD.jpg

Entrance to grounds, a Chief.s tipi Chief Crow Dog Jr


Our camp's kitchen 82. Our camp.jpg


a deer track by our tent site & view from the tent: 83. Deer Track at tent site (2).jpg 87. view from tent at LSSD.jpg


a gift for the little people! 86. a gift for the little people at our tent site.jpg


Keeping watch around the tipi fire, and full moon over singers camp: 84. keeping watch around tipi fire circle (1).jpg 85. keeping watch around tipi fire circle (2).jpg 88. full moon over singers camp.jpg


visiting some Memorial plaques: 89. Unci Mary Left Hand Bull memorial (1)_cmprsd.jpg 90. Unci Mary Left Hand Bull memorial (2).jpg 91. Chief Butch memorial (1)_cmprsd.jpg 92. Chief Butch memorial (2).jpg 93. Unci Chipps memorial_cmprsd.jpg 94. Chief Charles Chipps memorial_cmprsd.jpg


AI Dog approved 95. IMG_20160620_194811 (2).jpg 96. IMG_20160620_195132_cmprsd.jpg 97. IMG_20160620_195203_cmprsd.jpg 98. IMG_20160620_195257 (2).jpg 99. near the south gate.jpg


Srawberry moon (farmer's almanac) / moon when berries are good (Lakota) 100. Strawberry moon.jpg


Thank you for letting Tayamni & Coffey share this with you!

Edited by Denise E.
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