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I want to a get a little insight into what your daily schedules are like to get some training ideas.


Did you kennel train?

Feeding times?

Wake up early morning?

Do you have the same schedule when you work as when you have a day off?

What kind of exercise routines do you have?

Games your pup likes to play?



These are just some examples.

Our current routine is


Wake up around 8 and let pup out to potty.

Feed puppy

Do some light exercise with fetch, she plays tug/chase/jump with the rope hanging from the tree.


Take a shower and let her roam the backyard (our shower is outside haha)

Bring pup in to wind down

Goes into kennel (usually by herself) between noon-1


By kennel I mean her small playpen.

1chepi bed.jpg

We didn't have any luck with a standard kennel, but when I set up the playpen with about 3 panels removed she loves it. its got two different doggy beds in there so nowhere she would want to potty. I'm not kidding she would wet her kennel if it was the standard "just enough to get up, turn around and lay down"

Just now thinking about it I think she likes the playpen because it is very much like the kennel she was in as a pup with her mum.


She's there while we are at work for about 5 hours unless I have a break to come let her out

Out to potty 5-6

Obedience training for about 15 minutes. (sit, lay down, spin, up etc)

She now has all her shots so this will now be the time to go on a walk before I make dinner

Dinner at 8

Feed puppy (Wet Solid Gold/ Dry Science Diet/ Organic Goats milk since we can't get fresh)

This is the time of night its less structured. I let her roam her area a bit and play with her toys. We play some fetch and she chews on all the things I let her chew on hahaha.

Around midnight she goes down to bed.



I bathe her about once a week with this fancy organic holistic flea bath that soothes itching. We live in florida so lots and lots os sweaty hot buggy days.



Stuffing less toy, rope, squeaky bone, and a himalayan dog chew. (Omg she loves these things.)


I'm about to send her to a puppy socialization day camp on Fridays to help her around other dogs. (mainly puppies) she things she the Queen of the world haha. Little Alpha puppy around other puppies. Not so much bigger dogs.

Also we're singing up for some basic obedience training, they do blended classes (not just puppies) and I like that idea. She learns very quickly so there will be other dogs on her level. I have already trained her fairly decent for her age I think but it will help to have her socialize more in a structured setting and to see other dogs following the rules.

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I had never heard of the Himalayan Dog Chew, so I had to look that up to find out what it is. I'm going to try it. Thanks Felix.



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I had never heard of the Himalayan Dog Chew, so I had to look that up to find out what it is. I'm going to try it. Thanks Felix.




Tayamni & Coffey love these!!!!!! Now as adults they eat them in about 1/2 hr vs. days (these yak milk chews are supposed to be hard) so I have switched to the Yaky top - which is a himilayan chew with a bully stick - I call it a Yaky "Pop". Tayamni will take her time more with this.




ALSO, there is himalayan wood that doesn't splinter and I started using that for Coffey especially because he rips toys apart and had chewed up furniture. Wish I found this BEFORE he chewed the furniture!


They have different parts of the tree: sprout, stalk & stump. It's hard wood but good for teeth. :D




I use Chewy.com but I'm sure this stuff can be purchased else where.

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Hi Felix,


I actually had a 3 page type up for new puppies. Somehow 2 pages got lost.


Of course we used these pages as basic guidelines and adjusted as needed for each pup.


Attaching the page that I found:


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I got one of those himalayan chews but its really hard like plastic almost is that how they normally are???...he likes it ok but doesn't spend a lot of time with it?

And to answer

Yes he's kennel trained so I can go out for a couple of hours and sometimes at night --if he settles on his bed I leave him out at night...he has had 1 night in our bed and he did fine so.....

I still feed 2-3 times a day (sometimes training instead of a meal)

yes he wakes up early 5:30 last week 6-6:30 this week and this morning 7:30!!

we play ball out back, chase the cat, puppy play dates , doggie daycare 1 day a week 4hours....nothing routine yet

He plays with the jolly ball, flirt pole,TUG,some fetching.

Everyday is different for us but I can't wait until outside world is on the agenda- then the fun begins!!

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