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Hi Allison,


I think the sideways pics that upload here - happen - at least for me - when I have used the Windows 10 pic editor to rotate a picture.

When I used Windows 7 or MS Office 2010 pic editor for rotating they seem to upload OK.


Now that I know this, I will rotate using the MS Office editor instead of the WIN10 rotator button and see how that works.

I just haven't had a chance to test. I still have photos to upload but edited them prior to realizing some pics upload sideways on me now.


I wonder what you tested? Let us know the results :)

Edited by Denise E.
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I was testing something else, but I'm glad you brought this up for conversation.


Some of the Mods have been talking about this. So I hope you are right, and it is the editor. I also think some people do not rotate using a program, but send from their phones or tablets, that auto-rotate for them, so they are unaware that they need to go through a program.


I would also like to ask if some of you get the blue pics? I get it in a post with a bunch of pictures, and after scrolling through a few, the next come out blue. If I wait, and then open that one it will usually be fine, but not always. I think that has to do with the size of the pictures.


You know the new phones and cameras have twice the resolution of the old ones. Those new pictures are HUGE. It is really important to shrink your pictures to a reasonable size so that you don't use up your allotted space. We have been very generous with your space allotment, but we do not have unlimited space. In all the years we've been doing this, only one person used up all their space. We then raised the limit, and it is high, but with these new phones, it will be interesting to see.


I recommend 600 X 800px. This is a good size for computers, emails, tablets and phones.


If you do not have the expertise to use Paint, or one of the free programs, you might try splitting your pictures between two posts. Instead of 6 in one post, do three and three.


I would also like to say that we will be upgrading this software before too long, and perhaps these problems will be gone. However, it is good practice to shrink photos for sending. Your friends and relatives will thank you.

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Hi Allison,


Yes, I get the blue from time to time when reading posts and opening pics also. If I wait and go back or click out of the post and back in after a few minutes - all is well.


I have a Blackberry phone, so I send pics to my email (or copy from phone) so I can rotate or crop on a computer before uploading. The one good thing the Blackberry usual does is ask me what size I want to sent the pics (large, med or small) when EMAILING and I usually pic medium and then still have to rotate with the computer editor.


I never thought about reducing the pixels size. I'll play around with that also when I can to see how it works.


I've not kept up on pixels vs resize mbs. What are the end result differences?

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Very nice pic

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So this was a lot of photos put together, right? Then you must have sized it. What are its dimensions?


I got it. 1200 X 198px. This actually smaller than the 600 X 800. (600 X 800 = 480,000) (1200 X 198 = 237,600)


So you can see you have a lot of play within this recommendation.


Very nice work, by the way.

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I used Windows 7 to rotate & crop the photos on this post as a test.

FYI - All pictures posted right side up .....


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