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This is not AI Dog related but though some of you might like this movie and search dogs. www.searchdogmovie.com How it dose connect to AIDogs is the star of this movie will be training with Nakoma and I on his search and rescue trailing certification in April. Nakoma has been working very hard to follow in his fathers footsteps (Jay Silver Heels) to become a search and rescue dog. The SearchDog movie Facebook page just shared a video of Nakoma working a trail in one of our trainings. Check it out!


SearchDog Movie FB: www.facebook.com/searchdogmovie/?pnref=story


you can also find his video on our teams website www.sardogs.org/services.html

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Oh, that is so cool. I'll go look. Congratulations!

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Great team work Keith! Nakoma is really happy to be doing this I see (tail up) AND his reaction at the end!!!!

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