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Pico And Our Dlx Dodger

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Haven't been on the forum for so long.

Thought I would share the antics of our DLX, Dodger and Pico

Pico has 4 DLX cats to deal with and for the most part, they get along pretty well.


Also want to add that I absolutely am in love with our little pup! He's well over a year but he will always be my puppy. He is the sweetest, gentlest little guy I've ever known. I don't mind that he is leaning against the back of my legs, laying at my feet or between my knees as I stand in the kitchen and cook. He is such a joy. Everyone that sees him makes such a fuss about his beauty. Sometime they think he's a girl! Some have said that his eyes look right through you....and we know they do....right to your soul.


Enjoy the video


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I love that....the sound that he is making that sounds like a quick shallow pant?....My dogs do that too when they are REALLY happy....I think it might be their canine laugh! :lol:

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:D That is great seeing them play!!!!!!

Mine are so jealous :wacko: they try so hard to play with the cats - at least we are up to the cats playing hard to get - meaning they know how far away the gates are and tease the puppy.

Boy cats really like playing games :blink:

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Love that...Our Teak & George (the cat) are also best of buddies...I love watching them play, they are so "respectful" of each other...Ahem... :rolleyes:

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