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Tayamni And Coffey Go Sheep Herding (01-02-2016)

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Quote Kim Laflamme


Hi Kim,
Tayamni, 15.5 months, and Coffey almost 7 months, went to a sheep herding farm.
Thought you might like to see a few pics of their first time out. J

Tayamni (Azteca x Jay 09-13-14) is a thinker. Mike, the farmer/herding instructor, said he can see her thinking.
She was herding and holding at first and then in the round pen she decided she’d do some cutting instead.

Coffey (Nose X Tonto 06-08-15) is a doer. Coffey reacts and goes at it in a flash.
I didn’t get a picture of it --- but Coffey will try to get the sheep to move by jumping on their backs.
In one pic you might see Mike with a rake to help instruct Coffey (without touching him).
Coffey especially at his young age was impressive the first time out.

Mike and his wife, of Draxen Farms in Florida, were excited about the American Indian Dogs coming up.
They had visited your site and researched the dogs.

It was neat seeing the different techniques of each AI Dog in action.
Both dogs were respectful of the sheep, no worries there at all. Some driving nose action by Coffey but no biting or attacking. J

I told Mike that the dogs are from different lines and I suspect Coffey has Tahltan Bear Dog in him.
To me, Tayamni looks like she would be herding best working with a pack of dogs. Maybe herding Elk, Buffalo, deer or moose for a hunter?
She has pointed at Buffalo before and totally ignored a camel in a field.

I am always impressed with the gracefulness of Tayamni! It takes my breath away the way she moves.

LOL, guess I’ve got to get another thinker!
Someday, in a few years….

In the meantime, we’ll drive up to the sheep herding farm every couple months as a treat and let them have fun!



IMG_20160102_103158_crop (T).jpg


IMG_20160102_103139_crop (T).jpg


IMG_20160102_103031_crop (T).jpg


IMG_20160102_104049_crop (C).jpg


IMG_20160102_121641_crop (C).jpg


IMG_20160102_121650_crop (C).jpg


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Thanks Miz Molly for putting this up!




I am still someday going to get a round tuit and get a utube account so I can post videos - and get an intro page up for Coffey,


and, and, and ....


:ph34r: may we all have enough time in 2016 to get stuff done!


THANKS!!!!!!!!!! :wub:

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It was GREAT to see the both of them in action. As Denise has said, you can see how they react in different ways as they have the drive to heard. I am sure that Tayamni and Coffey will love to get there again soon as I have seen that neither wanted to leave and get back to herding the sheep. Thank you for those getting the post up with the pictures.

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