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Thanksgiving Dogs

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Sitka is donating to our local food bank. He challenges his brethren to do the same, and post a picture.



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Heh heh - I DID notice it's not his food - well maybe he eats pumpkin .... LOL!


Our grocery chain, Publix, does a "Food for Sharing" campaign each year leading up to major holidays - we donate at the register for "recipe cards" and Publix takes the dollars combining 'recipe' quantities scanned and turns it into food cases and sends to participating food banks! MAGIC!

It's also


(No picture because they won't let Tayamni in the grocery store -_-)




PRESS-2014-Publix-Coupon-Flyer-788x1024 FFS Publix.jpg

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So excellent. Very kind. How cool is that? That is so beautiful that your local stores give to charity and allow you to help (foot the bill?). Sorry lost the thread. It's all good, right?

No, really, it is good that they make it easy for you to help.

I do appreciate what they do. I have just been a little disenchanted with some of the groups I have come up against in our neighborhood. Hope the best for yours.


But give us an extra pic of Tayamni. That is food for us.

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We added dry beans, rice, and peanut butter, and delivered today. Sitka was right there with me.


Our little town had a sign up saying that, because of lack of food, people could only shop once a month. If that doesn't break your heart....


And here I am choosing to diet.


So I urge you all to give something to your local food banks. They need dog food, too.

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