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Hi friends,


I thought I'd see if anyone has suggestions/experience regarding itchy skin with their AID. Aquene has always been an itchy dog, but I'm ready to try some new tricks to give her some relief. Any ideas are welcome!


Here are some facts to consider:


Aquene is a reddish dog that is allergic to flea bites, long after the fleas are gone. She is on a topical flea preventative, but I sometimes find a flea or two, especially in this hot weather and when I'm delayed in administering the meds. She's been flea free for a while, yet she still scratches. Could red dogs be more sensitive?


I have administered Benadryl when she is incessantly biting, licking, scratching, etc., but I have only done that when she's really uncomfortable, as I don't want to overdo it. Usually I just verbally remind her to stop the itching. She doesn't show any hot spots, but I notice she regularly goes after the areas on top of each hip, and below the armpits.


As an Omega-3 supplement, Aquene receives salmon oil on her kibble (Blue Wilderness), once a day, and I supplement her diet with canned fish, soup bones, or goats milk when I have it on hand.


Her skin looks on the dry side, but it isn't flaky. I can see areas that have been over-scratched as indicated by small raised bumps or what appears to be bruising on her underside.


The vet indicated that Aquene probably has seasonal allergies. I'm guessing that's true, because she has been known to "reverse sneeze."


I wash my dogs myself approximately every two months, most recently with a Burts Bees shampoo for dogs.


Although Aquene is a "highly alert" dog (meaning...quite the barker), she doesn't seem anxious, and she's in excellent althletic shape. She had a perfect health assessment at her 2-year exam not long ago.


Should I be considering any other dietary supplements or topicals?


Thanks for your suggestions!



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Two Step has the same symptoms ......scratch, scratch, lick, lick, lick....I use Front Line for ticks and Comfortis for flees, (hate that I have to use all of this chemical stuff) changed his diet to "Taste of the Wild," the Pacific Salmon formula. Seems to be working. The scratching and constant licking has dropped to normal maintenance. I never bath them as they seem to keep them selves clean. They don't smell even when they are wet. Good luck. Hope all of that stops. it makes them so uncomfortable.

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Soul had major itchy scratchy issues, had scabs at the tip of his ears, and is highly allergic to fleas. Comfortis is working well for the fleas and I have him on the Taste of the Wild Prairie formula and one can of Natural Balance L.I.D. soft food a day. Not sure what the allergy in the food was (note that he cannot have any treats except Milkbone plain, L.I.D. brand & DreamBones), but the itching has stopped and the tip of his ears are no longer scabbing. It seemed weird to me that the Milkbone treats didn't affect him - but after 5 years of trying different combinations, we're just happy he's finally "cured"!

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So happy to hear you say that. Coyo got the runs with all treats except Milkbone. It seemed crazy but was demonstrable.

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Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I have been applying coconut oil to the itchy areas several times a week. I've noticed an improvement in the softness of the skin and a decrease in Aquene's itching episodes. I am also trying pollock oil as an alternative supplement to the salmon oil. She does try to sneak some licks of that sweet stuff after each application, however. I have to watch her like a hawk for a while afterwards. :)

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