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Possible Problem

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Sitka had what looked like an abrasion two months ago--granular yellow scab was trying to form. I could not see any clear reason, it was like a scrape, but I could not rule out bug bite. Of course, it was the weekend, so I used a warm compress with a topical disinfectant, 2-3 times per day, and he was much better in 4 days. He stopped licking the spot, and all seemed fine.


Two days ago (two months+ later), I notice he is licking that same spot. The hair is matted, and if I even try to separate the hairs to look, he is very distressed and in a lot of pain.


It looks like a scrape, but I wonder if something is under the surface of the skin; a wooden sliver, a tick head?


Vet on Monday. Will use the warm compress again. Will let you know.


He lets me touch his toes, his eyes, his ears,..but when I try to part the hair over this wound, he is very uncomfortable.


He has not bitten me, but he has snapped at me and is clearly telling me this hurts and he does not want me to touch it.


I told him with my words and gestures, that I have to look at it. He ran away, but came back and let me see.


Poor thing, even moving the hairs hurt him.


So, I will use the compress between now and Monday. Hopefully, the wound will be less angry, and allow the vet to poke around, but not obfuscate the cause.

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Good luck and sending healing energy. Soul had a sliver that did about that same thing a few months ago. It looked fine for a few weeks and then flared back up after day at the dog park. I used a mix of baking soda and water on it and got it to pull out a bit and was able to remove it with tweezers. It was from the wood pile. He wasn't happy, but knew it had to be done!

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It has to be hard watching your dog suffer so! I'm sorry that Sitka is uncomfortable. :(


Does your antiseptic have a pain reliever in it? Bactine makes one with Lidocaine, and I sometimes use it on my kids' abrasions more for the pain relief than the disinfectant.


Whatever it is, the vet will figure it out.


Keep your thoughts positive! We will be thinking of you tomorrow.

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Okay. So It IS an abrasion that got a bacterial infection. The Doc knew exactly what it was, and I forgot the name, it was unfamiliar to me, but will get it for you. Seems they are not that uncommon with dogs that have the under and outer coats.


Imagine there is a scratch, the dog licks at it, and the fur keeps it warm and moist...... I think you can see where this is going.


When I used the disinfectant compress, it did a lot of good, but perhaps I should have kept it up a few days after it seemed healed. The Doc was surprised and concerned that it resurfaced. The little fellow was prescribed antibiotics to knock out any residual infection. We will keep watch.


Love the support I get here on the forum. Thank you, everyone.

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Sounds like a hot spot. Tamarack used to get them if I let him swim in the water at this one park we used to go to that was right on the ocean... it was mucky tidal water and always smelled funny, so if he had any scratches on his neck where his fur is thick they'd get infected right away.

I work with a lot of golden retrievers at one of my jobs and the breed is notorious for getting hot spots because of their thick undercoats... one trick we always use is applying Gold Bond powder to the area as it helps to absorb the moisture, which in turn dries out the spot and helps it to scab up and start healing. That was all I ever had to do with T's hot spots and they went away rather quickly.

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That is very good advice. Will baby powder work, I wonder?

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We took a shower today. [yes, yes, very funny] Sitka took some coaxing, but I acted out "itchy all over" for him, and it was clear he understood. Next I used my "it's inevitable" voice, and got him in the shower room, complaining though he was. I did have to pull on his collar a bit to get him in the actual shower, but he was okay. He grumbled the entire time.


I can't believe how much water his fur can hold! It looked as though I had spilled an entire bucket on the floor, and then there were the walls and woodwork to contend with. The whole room got hosed.


We've been on a couple walks, he is nice and dry, and he feels much better.

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Oh, sorry, I left out a part. Sitka had a reaction. So at the vet:

Bordatella Vaccine

Anti-biotics (Amoxicillin)

and they asked me to give him the flea stuff--they did not find any fleas, but as a precaution.


Next morning he is itching all over. Vet said stop the anti-b's, and he did seem to get better through the day, but I decided to wash him off, too, just as a precaution.


Now jump back to my last post....

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Wow, what an ordeal! When I was a kid my first dog, Corky, used to have the 'hot spot' problem. My Mom did the same thing with the Gold Bond powder and that used to take care of the issue. It does work.


Lili had an abrasion on her shoulder last year...didn't seem to bother her but I noticed it one time when we were rough-housing on the floor. Doc gave her a med that had eleven consonants & a 'sometimes vowel' or two in it but can't remember the name. It was an ointment though. She's been golden since.

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Thanks guys. Will try the Gold Bond if it continues. Really good advice.

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