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Owner: F. Hudson, Illinois

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Any relation to Atticus?


I love the liver nosed dogs :wub:

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Allison thnx for posting this pic on my behalf.


WAKA', a female, whose name is Sioux, meaning "Sacred", will be 8 months on Nov 20th.


WAKA' and I will be attending the 125th Anniversary of Wounded Knee in South Dakota beginning December 21st. This year is the 25th Anniversary of the 100 mile historic horse ride from Bridger, SD to Wounded Knee, SD. We will be providing one of many support vehicles for the 300+ Riders who will take 7 days to make the journey in frigid temperatures.


WAKA' will be fitted with a Cam to record her perspective of this historic event. Will share upon return.




Forrest itche iichiile



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I will look forward to that. What an experience that will be.

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