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Happy Birthday Anoki

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Well, it is hard to believe Anoki is a year old today. He has grown up in a lot of ways yet he is still a child at heart. He has his hard headed moments and can still be extremely stubborn at times. He is a very curious dog who loves to play and greet other people and other dogs. Anoki is the most vocal dog I have ever had. He will constantly talk and complain while trying to get his point across.


I took Anoki out to the World Peace Conference on the last day we were there. Anoki became immediate friends with Alyssa's pup, Wiley. They romped and played in the water and had a great ole time. Anoki did everything he could to keep everyone's attention by constant "talking" until someone would pay attention to him. He is such a character.


Anoki has a firm grasp on all his commands, with the exception of the off leash recall outside of our fenced in yard. This is one command where he tunes me out when I call him. We definitely need more work in that area. Other than the off leash recall, Anoki responds to verbal commands and, about 75% of the time, to non-verbal, hand signal commands.


As of two weeks ago, Anoki's weight was 42 pounds. I have attached a few updated photographs of Anoki on his first birthday, and of course, Blue Bird had to join in on the photo session.







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Great pictures Greg!!!!!!!




He looks happy! and Bluebird too! I can't believe he is just 42 lbs after growing so fast at first.

Tayamni is 39 lbs a few weeks ago, she is 9.5 months old.


I love these dogs, their personalities and how they look so much bigger than life!


Tayamni will not respond to recall off leash either but is doing well on other points.

These dogs are such a treasure. Even when she was sleeping on top of my head this morning!

Hey, the pressure helped my migraine!


They are so intuitive - LOL!

Time flies! Can't believe Anoki is a year old and you have been volunteering with Kim for about a year now! WOW!


Thank you so much for your work with him - I'm sure it helps him sooooo much!

He has a lot to do, it seems with all the dogs, and probably more stress with all the people around puppy time!


HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! Be safe with all the noise this holiday creates!

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Happy birthday. So glad you could make it to the conference, and that Anoki had the chance to work his magic on everyone.

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That makes two of us....so late to the party. happy birthday Anoki....mst have been all the fireworks on the fourth of July that exploded it out of my mind. :wacko:

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