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Hi Kim, thanks for the speedy reply - I know how busy you are and to take

the time to help me says a thousand words about your personality. First, I

want to say that we are SO GLAD we met you! We read the forums and one of

the "things they would do different" was to visit the ranch and we're so

glad we did! To see the dogs in their environment was

incredible...priceless. Your calm and caring demeanor (and Alpha dog)

really showed through when the dogs were barking to get your attention. You

called out to one of their names and they immediately stopped. I was so

impressed! I hadn't even looked at the puppies yet! It was equally

impressive to meet Larry Germaine and Greg. They were so welcoming and down

to earth...we could easily spend all day with you three and enjoy every

moment! I'm sure you get this a lot. Arlene and the DLX cats were an

unexpected treat - thank you for allowing us to pet them! It has been an

incredible adventure getting our 1st AIDog!


This is MeiHi yip yip (pic attached). I plan to keep up with the the forums

as they are so helpful and enjoyable to see all these AIDogs! My MeiHi is

doing great! More pictures on the forum to follow!


D. Campbell


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