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Snake And Malachi

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well me and the boys were suppose to move to our forever home May 1 in NC house packed all the stress and at the last day everything fell through

trying to get some norm back in our lives still trying to move looking for a rental now . Snake had surgery in September to remove his spleen because of tumors. Malachi met his little brother Nakoma cute as all

well that's it don't ask for pics mine are too big for this site and I have to down load some on my computer

thank you

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Glad to hear from you anytime. Sounds like you have your hands full with life events.


I get the picture thing - just updated iPhoto and my old way of doing the photos disappeared. Love technology and progress :0

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I recently became photo challenged...with some stuff on iPad/iPhone and some on PC, I can't seem to git r done... :blink:

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Hey Linda, so glad to hear from you. Welcome back. We've missed the adventures of Snake and Mal and of course you. Glad to hear that Snake is on the rebound. Stay in touch. It's been too long.

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