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As if we didn't know it already, these dogs are SMART! :lol:


Friday night I drove up to meet my Mom and sister and we had a quick bite to eat at Wendy's before I was on my way back home.

Tayamni goes for rides with me a lot and lays in the back seat. She waits in the car if it's not a dog friendly restaurant.


I gave Tayamni some snacks but didn't feed her before leaving home as she and the cats would be fed when I got back home.


This is normal protocol. What happened next was a shocking revelation! :blink:


Mom brought me some gluten-free New England clam chowder from a restaurant near her, I was brought up some miso soup from a restaurant near me.

Couldn't leave soup in Mom's car because her dog Ginger would tear up bags and make a mess - can't leave food in Mom's car with Ginger.


So, I put the food on the floor of my front seat ...


The Miso soup was bagged separately on top of the chowder. 1. Two soups in a thermal wrap.jpg


When I came back to the car Tayamni was curled up in the front passenger seat <_>

When I looked closer I realised Tayamni had her nose in a soup bowl!

I opened the door and told her "ehh, ehhh!!!!!!!!!! bad girl!" in my sternest voice and told her "backseat".


She got up jumped into the back seat and looked at me with the most innocent expression and happy to see me expression. ^_^


I was taken aback because she has her "F-U look", her "Oops, I'm sorry" look, and many others.

I caught her in the act of "thievery" and it seems she was proud that she fed herself while I was gone!!!!!!!!!! ;)

She was waiting for my praise even. :wub:


I just sat there and looked done at the liquid free bowl. 3. lifter and placed to eat.jpg


She had wedged it in between the front bucket seats to stabilize it while eating......


She had moved the bag on top of it (with the Miso soup) and not put a hole in the bag to reach into the thermal bag and lift out the Clan Chowder!

1. Two soups in a thermal wrap.jpg

(the top was not broken BEFORE she got to it - I put it back to recreate the scene) 2.  moved top soup to get chowder.jpg

No spillage on the seats 4.  no spillage on seat.jpg

and she even "cleaned up" where liquid did spill:

(book was in perfect condition, never touched before this) 5.  sloppy eater, cleaned up book.jpg


I checked the thermal bag and no tooth marks, holes or rips; she must have reached in and lifted out the chowder so she could eat! 6.  not a mark or scratch or spill in bag.jpg


I wan't happy I lost my Chowder. :(




I turned my head away from her and grinned B) because "Darn, that's one smart dog with a lot of finesse when needed!" :ph34r:




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Just don't leave the car keys anywhere in sight!

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mooka has the same look,one night after dinner i had to use the bathroom and came out to do dishes and gee have my lasagna was gone,and it was on the counter not even near the edge,till i came out ,him laying on the couch and looking at me like what i have been here the whole time,smart little buggers they are

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