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...... You Put The Lime In The Coconut

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...... you put the lime in the COCONUT ---- OK not for dogs - JUST GIVE 'EM THE COCONUT!



Then our friend KEME and family introduced her to coconuts - and that has been the BESTEST favorite play things EVER!!!!!!!!! :wub:


(Thanks TO KEYWESTMAMA22!!!!!!!

I never would have thought of this on my own.)



When you buy a coconut in a store it usually has a hard brown shell and the good stuff is inside it.


Well, coconuts grow with an outer shell and as it dries becomes a fibered husk underneath the outer shell.

The outer shell Is not as hard as the inner dark brown shell we associate with coconuts in cartoons, that's the inner shell next to the coconut meat.


When the coconuts fall the are green and the outer husk turns brown in time. As it dries it turns brown and there the outer husk usually cracks in a couple places.


This is PRIME dog toy material! :wub:

Tayamni and my sister's dog (doxie terrier) LOVE the coconuts! ;)


I have found different size coconuts and tossed them in the back yard.

They look like footballs.


The cracks and the drying make it great for the dogs to tear the outer husks apart!

They place tug with the coconut,


Make believe they are running backs and run around carrying the coconut in mouth,


they have both stood over a coconut and peeled off thin strips of husk and toss that to the ground and grab another piece of husk to strip!

(they aren't interested in eating the husk)


When the "shell" is showing my sister and I break that off and throw it away.

It's uuuber hard - some people say it's OK for dog to bite and some say that shell can break a dog's tooth. I play it safe.


The dogs at my house just love to tear the whole coconut apart.

A small (double fist size) coconut will last a week once it starts drying and a big one can last up to a month - once they get into it so much, the wedges get smaller and smaller and I get mulch quicker.


I have heard that the inside - the coconut meat (that we eat is good for dogs, too)

BUT - the coconuts Tayamni uses as a multipurpose toy is too dried and there is no liquid or white coconut meat.


KEME's Mom said his Vet has remarked how nice his teeth are and they believe its because Keme tears apart the coconut! :)

I can see how the fibers could act like a toothbrush! :D


When I get that U-tube account going (someday) - I'll post some video of the many canine coconut uses!

Ahhh no, we won't see Tayamni on the beach sipping through a straw! :P



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No Video yet, but here's a few teaser pics!


Tayamni carried large coconut (missed pic) and then laid down to chew/shred.

Tayamni - quiet time w- cocnut (1).jpgTayamni - quiet time w- cocnut (2).jpgTayamni - quiet time w- cocnut (3).jpg


Here's some samples of the work Tayamni and Roger have done!


1. Stage 1.jpg2. Stage 2.jpg

3. Stage 3.jpgsmaller coconut.jpg

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I want one.

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Great Idea!

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I want one.


A coconut, a puppy BOTH! :P


I think coconut palms only grow in tropical climates. I wonder if southern California or southern Texas grow them ...

Hmmm, maybe I'll be getting a lot of visitors! :D


Advertisement: Come to South Florida .... where the sun shines and the ocean is warm .... bring your AI Dog, get a free coconut!

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