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Anoki And Blue Bird Help Each Other

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Hello all,


Kim wants me to introduce Blue Bird to everyone. Kim has just retired Blue and I have been keeping her with Anoki so she gets used to life outside of the kennel. She will be seven years old June 20th this year and is gentle with the sweetest personality. She loves human attention and she even grunts or "purrs" when she is content with affection.


Blue's calm disposition has been a great help with Anoki keeping him in his place. She runs and plays with Anoki but never any of the "Gladiator play". If Anoki attempts to escalate the play, Blue will quickly put him in his place. I have had Blue and Anoki together for almost two weeks and she has adjusted well. Blue and Anoki even take the trip out to SDK every time I run out there.


Blue and Anoki feed off each other. Blue's calm state tends to calm Anoki down. Anoki's outgoing and curious state has helped Blue overcome some of her apprehension when she encounters new or different things.


Here are some photographs of Anoki and Blue Bird.







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iPads ... All the disadvantages of a phone slightly larger arrrrr


If bluebird is up for adoption that's a wonderful opportunity.


A sure question " if I adopt bluebird does that count as my turn on the list for af puppy? Or am I still on the puppy list and thIs is a separate transaction"

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I think these two look good together! :)



Greg, if you are readying (for adoption) retirees or pups that don't end up as breeder's - that is quite a responsibility!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!! :rolleyes:


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Blue has some minor issues which we are trying to help her out with. As a puppy, she was scared by some loud noises and ran off for several days before finding her way home. When she returned, she was understandably scared and skittish. She feels very comfortable around her pack but she was still nervous about leaving her kennel, loud noises and meeting some people. We are working on socializing her by meeting new people, hearing new sounds and meeting and hearing new dogs. Kim will decide if and when Blue is available for adoption.


Just a side note, Kim did want me to mentioned that he is considering retiring some more dogs soon.


A sure question " if I adopt bluebird does that count as my turn on the list for af puppy? Or am I still on the puppy list and thIs is a separate transaction"

Kim does have a separate list for those looking for an older dog. So there are two separate lists in which you can be on. Kim still requires an interview for a retired dog adoption as some older dogs may have certain needs.
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Are the older and/or retired breeders spay/neutered prior to adoption or is that the responsibility of the adopter? Also, what is the adoption cost of the older dog?



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OK folks, here is Kim's response to an e-mail from Doreen who inquired about the adoption process of an older dog. With Doreen's permission, Kim wanted this posted in hopes it would answer questions others might have too.


Quote Kim La Flamme:


Doreen –


It all depends on the dog & how it match’s up with particular family’s. Part of the cost would be whether that dog has already been fixed or not, how much they may need to spend on shipping … etc. But it is usually $200.00 or $300.00 just to help us out with food costs & expenses. But we mainly try to have them go to either previous owners or owners already with AIDogs, that already know the breed.


We have never had the need to post a “needing a home” page or put up pictures, but may do that at some point in the future? But it’s always nice to know there are owners or future owners out there willing to rescue or keep an AIDog that may need a home quickly in there area.


Kim La Flamme ~ founder/trustee of the AIDog breed for over 45 years -- www.indiandogs.com

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