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Returning To The Pack

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Hello dear friends and new friends,

Solstice and I are returning to the pack and after almost 2 years, had a lot of catching up to do. Many things have changed and my heart goes out to those who have lost their companions.

Soul and I are adjusting to life on our own after a tumultuous time in our pack. My husband and I have, after 18 months of trying to save our marriage, decided it is time to begin new chapters in our lives, separately. It has been a series of ups and downs, but now is quite amicable. He is looking into getting a new AI pup this Spring and Soul and he have regular visitations.

Soul adjusted quite well, having his kitty brother and sister with him, helped. We are hoping to make the trip to the Gathering this summer and I am looking forward to catching up with everyone.

New chapter, new goals, and a bonding with Soul that has been quite miraculous. He rarely let's me out of his sight and has become quite the protector; outside of a few days when we first moved where he was confused, he is very content. We also have a new human pack member, a first...a grandson! Soul is in love with him and Orion loves to snuggle up to Soul's scruff and giggle! I can't wait to see them grow up together! Here is an updated picture taken a few night ago.

Blessed be, everyone!

Debi, Soul, Foxy, & Rael


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Gosh I'd forgotten about that toy! Soul looks wonderful, with his arm around the cat. That is fantastic.


We are glad to hear from you. Very, very glad.

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Hey! Look who's back! Been a long time...thanks for the update. Also sorry to hear about the challenges & the struggles that you've endured. Sounds though that it was the right course to take and that you & your ex are in a good place ... and congratulations on the Grandbaby!

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Welcome back. It sounds like you've all been through a lot but glad to here you're now in a good place . It's interesting to hear that it's led to an even deeper bonding with your dog. We're new to the AID family and still learning and being amazed at the bond that develops between us. I love the picture of Soul with his paw around the cat. Our Boone loves cats as well. He wants one of his own but it hasn't happened yet. He just met our 10 year old grandson and they spent a long weekend together becoming best friends. I'm sure it will be the same for Soul and your grandson. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of Soul, he is stunning!

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Hey Debi, its so good to hear from you. Welcome back. It sounds like you and Soul are making a terrific come back. I've went across that road long ago and it's so nice when things finally settle comfortably on the other side.


Congrats on your new grand son. He is in for the treat of his life when he meets Soul. Have to tell you a real quick story. Yesterday I was in the hardware store with Rain (4 months) and she couldn't stay still. I decided to see what she was so excited about and let her lead me down the isles watching her follow a scent. At the end of every isle, she would turn to the left go a couple of paces then turn back and go to the right .....following the scent....Well after venturing down many isles, we ended up at the front cash register and there it was....she found it....the scent on two little legs....a little boy about 18 months old. Well Rains tail started to wag so hard that her little behind was doing a 180 swing. :) That's when the puppy kisses and kid giggles started. :wub:

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As a fellow Michigander (Michigosling? Michigoose? say how come we have male goose in our name vs like Cheeseheads vs Wisconsiganders? Mittenhead would make more sense...)


As a fellow Mittenhead, welcome and maybe we can meet some time.



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