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Play Time In Southern Oregon

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It is a Kurgo brand. It was inexpensive and universal fit. I wanted something simple just to try out. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something which wasn't going to accomplish what I was wanting. So far, so good.

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We bought a backpack but haven't tried it out on Boone yet. Did he fight it much when you first put it on? Is it empty for now?

Anoki gave a little resistance at first but he soon realized it was not hurting him. I started him off with a little weight at first. He has a water bottle in each side of the pack. I think I read somewhere that the total weight should not exceed 10% of the dog's body weight.

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I also bought an inexpensive back pack for Picasso to slow him down and tire him out. At least that's the theory. Haven't had a chance to try it yet either. Thanks for the info on weight allowance, Greg.

How many people ask about your pup. He really has a wild mask!

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