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How To Post Video - Tutorial

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The easiest way I know of to post video on the forum:


First you need a website that will host your video.

Use, or create (free) a YouTube account and upload the video to YouTube



To embed the video in a forum post:


Write any text you would like in your post on the forum- then to add the video- the steps are similar to putting a picture in the post.


Below your video on YouTube, and above the description, you will see a "Share" tab. Click on that, and the description will be replaced with a link (Make SURE the 'Share with playlist' checkbox is UNCHECKED for simplicity's sake.)




You can see the link it generated just below the checkbox. It looks like gibberish- that's ok.

That is the link to the video you posted. If you click there once, it will highlight and you can copy it.



Put your cursor where you want the video to appear Click on the "Link" icon at the top of the window. It looks like a sideways figure 8 with a green plus dot. It also says "Link" when you just hover your mouse pointer over it.




This will open little window, and you just paste the YouTube link into the box where it automatically wants to. Then click ok.


BAM! You just put a video in your post.. Congratulations!!! :)

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I'm going to try it. Thanks Star. I can download to youtube from my phone?

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Yes, theoretically. We all know about theory when it comes to computer/phone variance. But I have successfully managed it several times.

I do know the recent acquisition of YouTube by Google has caused some ... Unexpected issues- for veteran users. Some things are 'different' now than they were. But function is still there- just with an 'upgrade' (cringe) that 'seamlessly integrates' (cringe) google and YouTube... Sigh

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So you recommend that we download our phone vids, to our PC, then upload to youtube.

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Depends on the user-

I know I am fairly tech savvy- and have little to no difficulty uploading the video directly from my phone to youtube.

I am using an iPhone, and know my way around on it.


But it really depends on the person. Some people have challenging phones, some people don't like to upload bigger files from their phones. Some people are just uncomfortable doing anything like that except on their computer. So it is really dependent on several factors.


Folks- do what is easiest for you. :)

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