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Unhappy Seeming New Pup

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About the beginning of kennel training.....

I can't stand the sound of crying puppies. I get that helpless feeling, anxiety over whelms me. So I put my brain into thinking mode, that can be dangerous. :ph34r:


I asked myself, "what is this pup trying to tell me."

I came up with a couple of things:

> I have to go to the bathroom.

> Where are you?

>I can't see you.

>I can't smell you.

>I'm all alone...I miss you

and know there is more.



so I did a little experiment:

First I put the kennel on my bed up by my pillows, facing me...I'm sure a bed side table would work as well for those whose beds are full :D . This way the pup can see me and smell me and hear my steady breath as I fall to sleep.

I placed the pup inside...at first there was no sound from the pup, but as soon as I left the room to brush teeth, etc. the whimpering started. As soon as I came back into the room and started talking to the pup in a soft, low voice, almost a whisper, she stopped. I left the room again to get 2 small milk bones. As I left, the whimpering started. When I returned and continued our conversation, the whimpering stopped. Now mind you, I had spent the day playing with her, she napped on my lap while at the computer, I mixed my fingers in her food so she could smell / taste me as she ate.....she had a busy day.

When we were all tucked in, I shoved the milk bones through little openings on the top of the kennel....she found them later. :) I put my fingers through the bars of the kennel door and I whispered to her as she licked my fingers.....

Oh yes I forgot to mention, she has a soft monkey to snuggle with or play with...she does, a hard antler to chew on, and medium teething toy to chew on.

IT WORKED.....no whimpering, no frantic scratching at the door bars.


AHHHHH a quiet evening, everyone happy, no stress, no anxiety of a whimpering pup......full of sleep until potty call.

Love it. :wub:


Of course this kennel is the size of a cat carrier, and as she gets bigger she will be getting used to kenneling and with a bigger kennel, of course it will migrate to the floor. BRILLIANT! :rolleyes:


So, of course I have to tell you all, as silly as it sounds about having the cat carries size kennel on my bed next to my pillows, it was and continues to be a total success. From the get go, there was at most, a small little peep at the beginning, and 13 days later, she goes in on her own, and has been sleeping through the night since day 3. Of course she is getting plenty of exercise with the two older pups, and I don't give her food or water after 4:30 p.m. I remember doing this with my two legged kids :P .....so many similarities. B)

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wow! I live on a small farm and my dogs are with me most all the time! They sleep next to me or with a kid on there beds. I Never have used or needed a Kennel ? I currently Have a dog in my custody that a Fellow AI dog owner gave up after four years due to his inability to learn enough to give his Poor boy what he needed. That was Love!!!!!! then direction with exercise!!!!! they can read your body language pretty Good! (stay consistent !) So I was told how he was a bitter and would run off into the sunset unable to be caught. HE had Three Professionals work with this dog and all said it was his problem ,Not the dog. So I bring City dog to the country !He see his first hay fields ,cows, pigs, horses ,and Of course my Pack! He was in Heaven! It took him about two weeks to play well with the other dogs since he really never had other dogs around. He Must know that Kim will come for him because he tries so hard for me!!!! I Believe he wants to stay! I am the leader he needed! I was told he was not good with kids?!?!?!? My youngest son Colton and him(Taz) are two peas in a pod! Taz came to me Fat and scared! Now He loves running around the hay fields with the rest of the pack chasing me on my quad! people stop on the side of the road sometimes just to watch them run! Taz went from fat and slow unable to finish the run ,to almost catching Elena how can cruse at 30mph. (there are four dogs that run with me, three of them being AI dogs) Give your animal love like a kid ,and treat them normal! a dog is a pack animal! give them a pack!!!!! not Jail!

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Thanks Clay. Very well said.

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Yes very well said! So will you keep him or is Kim really coming for him? Kinda sounds like a perfect fit there and that a bond has already begun....

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Please note that post was from 2014.

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I remember Sita Flower's puppy story ending well! (we received our first pup's around the same time)


A lot of the information posted on the site - is timeless. I love the search box :)


I am glad we have this forum and also that Kim is attentive to when/if a dog needs to be returned/rehomed. It means a great deal to me how much everyone cares.


Reading and reading through this forum helped me brush up on puppy raising skills! It had been many years.

Then racking my brain and back to searching the forum when the next puppy a year later needed a different training plan (because he responded differently).


Thanks Y'All!



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