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Sita Flower

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Sita is such a sweet girl. Ayita and I enjoyed meeting you both. Great pictures. My favorite is the one of Sita running on the water!

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Hi Everyone this is Sita. I'm in love with her   She is a blackberry pup from Tonka and Chaco...I kinda had the feeling one of them might be for us.   It all happened very fast. Kim called us o

Hi everyone. Sita Flower here It's been a long time since I wrote, I know. I was busy hanging out with my adopted pack at Greg's house in Oregon while my dad was hiking around the Himalayas and st

So it's been a little while...I've never woofed with you all directly, but I see that my cousins have been doing that, and it sounded like fun. Here's me under the table. Dad was happy to get this one

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Hi Sita Flower!


Love all the pictures of you and that is really cool picture of you running on water, and so cute holding hands at the Gathering!

When my girl, Tayamni, has a crush at the dog park she dominates in play also :P


Do you look more like your Mom? She was independent too having you out in the blackberry bushes!


Glad to hear from you and always, always let your Dad take pictures!

(maybe you can tell Tayamni that - she thinks I'm bothering her too and it's hard to get a good still shot of her!)



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Hi Denise! Sri here ;)


I was able to visit Song Dog on my way out of the gathering, only a couple miles away, and more than anything I wanted to re-meet and pay my respects to Tonka and Choco, Sita's mom and dad. It turns out that Tonka is not a breeder any more, Greg told me that she was so independent and a bit difficult to work with, and Kim told me he re-homed her after her second litter.


I did get to meet Choco, and he had Sita's slightly wide set eyes and her baseline chocolate color for sure. He is very friendly and lovable, I liked his personality a lot. I've always reckoned she absolutely looks like she came from both of them...it was interesting to meet other dogs at the gathering, such as Rik's Nita and others, who have that same Chocolate/Red/Tan with brown nails and noses that came from dogs that don't have those colors at all! Seems to be a gene pattern that is in there throughout many members of the family.

Edited by Sri
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Hi Sri,


It still seems like you got the best of both worlds in Sita Flower!


As the personality is a huge trait in American Indian dogs, I can understand Kim's decision.

I'm sure Tonka is very happy in her new home. Sometimes a change of scenery is just what one needs.


Tayamni (Azteca X Jay 2014) like Sita has that independent streak and she also has a cuddly and a skirt dog streak (she loves to stand in between peoples legs and look out at her surroundings).

As she is maturing she wants to listen more - off leash, only sometimes now does she give me "the look" and then turn off her hearing.

We still don't go off leash unless in an enclosed area. I always have treats on hand but don't give them to her all the time.


If I remember correctly Sita bonded with you before Tayamni really bonded with me!

I do like that Tayamni will always run up to me if she feels uncomfortable or not confident about something.


I think there is a balance between her independence and dependence and I know she does want to please!

I call when I'm on my way home and Tayamni howls for me when she hears my voice - it melts my heart.


It sounds like Sita is balanced that way too between being independent and your buddy, only Sita has her morning routine! :wub:



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