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Hi All!


A Tired Happy! Practicing some tough - love right now. She can't see me from her side of the kitchen fence and that irritates her. She loves to be right next to me. I'll be going to work Monday morning so I have to start conditioning her to be OK when we are apart. She quiets, but every time I come in and then go out of view .... screaming and howling!!! Then quiet then more howling. Then finally quiet until I'm in site again. I actually got to type and edit this with her quiet!


She is really smart about figuring things out - like how to get my attention by knocking over one of my door gates, (have to get a different type of gate for that area) then she tried to climb the kitchen fence. Then she jumped on top of her kitchen crate and tried to get on a table top next to the fence to get over it. Uhhhh! So smart that little one!


Tayamni came home last night. Flight(s) went well! She was hesitant to leave the crate at Cargo pickup but I was able to put a collar (and leash) on her and took her out on some grass nearby outside the office. She didn't go potty (she had in her crate - it was a long journey. She accepted water and treats and we watched a plane take off then drove home. She is curious about everything! She wants to play with the cats but they are not sure what to make of her. Funny, Nicole was really happy to see the crate I brought home (she hate's crates) then as soon as I opened the crate and pup came out - she (the cat) gave me a look like "THAT's NOT what I ordered!" and disappeared!


Tayamni is from Azteca X Jay's litter. So DRichard and I have litter mates! Yes, I DID take pictures! Tayamni is lighter in color than I thought she would be but I didn't have any color preference so she is perfect!


I can't wait to see how she changes as she grows. She does have an expression that reminds me of a picture of Azteca. OK. I've been going on and I really need a nap and the cats didn't eat their canned food this morning and it's taking me 5 x as long to do things .... hmmm, I didn't read about this in the manual - LOL!!!!!


Tayamni likes water and since the wipes I used last night didn't clean her 100% we might have a gentle bath shortly then some lunch. Well she'll get to eat anyway :)


Here's pics from last night (her first night home!) I'm not sure what her eye color is. In one pic they look gray and another kind of golden. When I look at her I thought they were slate gray till I saw that one photo. Now I'm scratching my head!


PS I'm still trying to come up with a shorter nick name to call her. She does come when I call her Tayamni. Other names: she looks up at me like I forgot.


Edited by Denise E.
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Hello guys... I have been so busy getting settled into my new home, running out to the Song Dog Kennels and raising Anoki over the last few weeks that I have not been able to respond to some of the co

I am very grateful to the forum family also. So much sharing and learning. If one or two things worked all the time for all dogs there wouldn't be so many books, web sites, trainers and so much need f

Oh my how time FLIES!   Adult training classes start this Wednesday, working toward CGC and certified therapy   Sometimes Tayamni responds to her nickname: I thought it would be a good

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Too flipping cute!

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Awe so glad we have litter mates! She looks a lot like her brother, doesn't she? Especially that last picture. Boone has that same expression all the time. Sounds like she is feisty like him too, maybe even more so! I call Boone Devil Dog sometimes (in the most loving way :rolleyes:) because he goes from sweet to crazy bad in a split second. Several times a day we say, "This is the calm submissive puppy we ordered? What the heck would we have done with a strong willed alpha dog?" lol He keeps us exhausted AND on our toes that's for sure. Welcome to the adventure!

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Denise, also wanted to tell you that Boone had his first vet visit yesterday. He tested positive for some of the usual puppy critters: round worms, giardia & coccidia. He's being treated for them and our vet was comfortable with continuing with the dewormer that Kim recommends.

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Ahhh, she is napping now. I feel like I should be napping too but then might miss feeding her supper. ... LOL!

so, I thought I'd stay awake hanging out here. :rolleyes:


DOC, yes,, that's normal (puppy worms). My Vet uses Strongid-T also. I've just got to make sure that it doesn't spread throughout the household.


The next shot sequence for Tayamni is in two weeks, I need to find out when the primary Vet I use is working.

We start puppy classes on December 4th, so it all works out (again!) :ph34r:


Tayamni is pretty calm, when she's not trying to use my feet as play toys .....

Kim said she was humble, sweet, and not afraid of anything.


I think she proved that the way she handled the long trip.

I messed up last night twice and missed her very subtle potty cues, I take full responsibility for that, I really wish I started that off better!


The overnight wake - up and potty and first light went well. Then she wouldn't potty once when I took her out, (I needed a new collar for her and tried using a thicker collar / leash combo) she hated it and just kept whining and biting it. I brought her back in and as we passed the kitty litterbox, she quickly stopped and squatted on the mat in front of it! She is so quick!

We have had successful outside potties since then.

She gets lots of praise and treat rewards - but again - she finishes and is off so I'm treating her as she is running up to me or go by - she stops for a treat.


I didn't get a nap and didn't get to bathe her today - went out to pickup up food for me, a new door gate, bigger collar and smaller toys.


Good thing is the neighbors said she was quiet while I was gone

Once her "tantrum" - she's so loud I swear two houses down cane hear it! She accepts and goes to sleep.

Last night it was about the same. She has a wire crate in my bedroom and her carrier crate in the kitchen plus a bed.


I have crated her and also let her be in the kitchen and now she scoots along the floor after she quiets to get onto her kitchen bed.


I've walked her around the house so she could smell the rooms and she REALLY likes Roger's pillow in the living room.


It's hit or miss, getting her to sit. Her attention is all over the place! I'm focusing on crate, potty recall, off, leave it, and doing my version of the New Skete's massage and touch time. Sometime later (this week?) I think she'll have a little more attention and I can add some more work. I'm not pushing her, I'm slowly learning her language and she is learning there is a time for everything.


She even ignored the cat dish while one cat ate on the floor in the kitchen.

So she is smart - she is now kinda doing (nothing, ignoring); just what I do to her when she jumps or yaps when I first enter the room she is in.


I wish I could give her the run of the house at times, but since the outside pottying is still a work in progress and I rent a home with laminate flooring, I am worried an accident would warp the flooring in parts of the house.


I would love for her to be sleeping next to the couch on my feet while I watch TV!

We will get there!


OK, I'll stop babbling and it is almost time for her supper. I've got to wake her up!








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Congratulations Denise. I know it has been a long wait but your journey is now beginning.

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Sounds like you're off to a great start! Enjoy those few moments you get when naps because they get fewer and further between as the weeks go by. Can't wait to see more pictures.


OMD! I :o


I fell asleep last night waiting for the 11PM potty!


She doesn't like being away from me, as everyone has shown with their own pups, I did try to keep her in the ktchen area most of the time and be with her. She still yowls and cries and then does settle down when I leave the fenced area.


Last night, since she was resting I put her on a leash and brought her bed out to be with me near the couch while watching TV. (MAN, they really have to cut down on commercials - that's when I fall asleep!) I woke up after midnight and the leash was slipped off my wrist! I panicked and looked down - she was sleeping like an Angel on her bed - hmmmmm ......


well we pottied outside (OK she did anyway) :P


I finally got her in the crate beside my bed and the fireworks went off!!!!!!!!!!! ......... and didn't stop. I fell asleep to her multiple protests. She woke me up with similar noises at 4:30AM after we already had potty break - I took her out just in case and she just wanted to play. The second time into the crate was worse, I even changed it from the wire crate to her airline crate. I fell asleep before she stopped her noise.


This morning, I got up b4 alarm and she was sleeping. Make cats breakfast and her breakfast. She started a ruckus when she heard my voice in another room. I brought food in to her to eat in her crate. She spilled it and ate most of it in between yowls and noises so loud that some glass or one of my crystals was toning!!!!!!!! :huh:

(That was pretty impressive! I must say B) )


I tried crate in the kitchen to feed her lunch and she ate with less protesting but through up lunch on way out to potty. That is not working. :(


I am borrowing a slightly larger wire crate from my neighbor, not too big, but she like to stretch out to sleep - I'm hoping to find a happy medium with her. All I could think of last night was Boone and "I know what they were going through" ^_^


She is starting to learn sit but doesn't sit for long (attention span?) she was doing recall better but is deciding not to listen when I call her all the time. She is 9 weeks old.


Of course there are many good things: We had out first bath. She did very well! She came over to my alter so I smudged her and she went back for more with OUT blowing the ashes all around! and we heard someone say "Boo" coming from the laundry room / side door and she gave ONE bark (an actual bark) and ran to the side door without making another sound. No more noises from outside so she trotted back into the kitchen. I was so proud!!!! :wub:


Oh, and I'm not sure, but maybe one of the reasons I keep finding pee on the kitchen floor - is that I forgot to put the new door gate in place this morning, and the cat litter box emptied when the cats were with me. I investigated and it had dumped something. I smelled and it didn't smell lake any of my cats - OK, could she have REALLY used the litterbox?????? She poo's outside and does puddle but we can be out for a half our and she makes a small puddle soon after we come back in.


Should I leave the laundry door gate off? I have it up so she doesn't go in there (on the floor- near the door to go out) and also so she doesn't eat any cat droppings - especially since it's a clumping litter. Not good for intestines ,,,,, I would hope she'd grow out of peeing in the litterbox (if she did) and fully void outside, but it would be better than on the floor here and there. Any comments or suggestions to help me out?

Last time I raised a puppy was 28 years ago! (I just did the math- haha)


She had me when I met her and we watched the plane take off, then she really got me by smudging herself - so smart! and the one protective bark and going to the sound. :wub: It wasn't at all like her yowling, howling and whining and whimpers and she has a different sound when she plays woith her toys! :D

I'm still studying her and learning - some sounds I can't tell the different meaning they are subtly different. Ohh, and a lot of times she sleeps with her eyes open a little, even in dream state! :ph34r:


Sorry I didn't get any outside pics, I keep forgetting my phone / camera when we're outside playing and trying to get accustomed to the heat!


I got to write this because she is sleeping under the computer desk near my feet. She got tired from chewing on her bully stick!








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So cute maybe sometime we can meet and have a puppy playdate!!


would LOVE to as soon as she has full immunity and is big enough. Unless you know a place where she would be safe before that. I'm sure she would love to be around another AI Dog. I would be great for her!


Even though I didn't get a Shasta Jay, Tayamni and Keme still have the same Dad!


In the pictures it looks like Azteca is smaller than Jay, so I don't know what size dog Tayamni willl become.

I did get to meet the summer puppy Tehya in person and Tehya was smaller at about the same age.


It's like the prize in the CrackerJack box! :D


and I swear Tayamni has grown since I got her two days ago!

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They seem to grow while they sleep! Wish I had some good advice for you but we are really struggling ourselves this weekend. Maybe some experienced owners will help us out. Boone was brilliant with training and going outside to pee and poop. On Friday the vet even commented that he had never seen such a well trained 8-9 week old puppy. He showed off all his basic commands flawlessly. Something changed and he's been a holy terror all weekend. He pees in the house over and over...kitchen floor, carpet wherever he happens to be when he gets the urge. It doesn't seem to matter how often we take him out. He gets in these totally hyper states and goes crazy...biting on everything he sees, tearing at clothes, coats, rugs, basically anything. He ignores all commands unless you get the treats out...then he suddenly remembers them. He is biting and pulling on our clothes constantly. I've tried all the advice from the Monks of Skeet books and it just agitates him more and gets him going more. I think he needs more exercise but he can't go anywhere yet because he needs more shots yet. Would love to hear some thoughts.

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Here I was being all impressed that everyone was having such well behaved pups. They are babies, after all. Seems to me that some pups are potty prodigies but most take some time (think months) to really get perfect. Until then, consistency and patience. It's good to restrict the size of the area they can roam within the house - not a bad idea until teething is done also (at about 6 months). We had baby gates everywhere. In fact I just put some down into storage this week end (Cake is just over 1). We were fortunate in that we had 2 large breed dogs to (ehem) lead by example. We also have the potty out side song (do you have to go potty? (dog head whip which means YES) - Lets go potty out side (with emphasis on the outside part).... and once outside -poop poop poop it's fun to poop, pee pee pee we like to pee. followed by cheers for any production of materials.


Sleeping in the crate - well we never did that much. Cake had a set of lungs on her and she went for hours. First night in the hotel she slept in Scott's armpit. Once home, we just stuck her on the bed because she wasn't going to pee there and we needed to work in the morning and sleep is worth it. Waki had one night in the crate then he got sick and slept on my neck (even with Parvo - zero accidents in the house that way). He decided he wanted to be a "big boy" and sleep on the floor when Cake came home. At 14 months Waki went into a self crating phase and is fine with it but it's just never needed. Just put that down into storage too. So do what makes sense for you.

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hahahahaha!!! Love the song...can't stop laughing. I like limiting access. We have this open floor plan which is not conducive to multiple gates so we had to construct one. When Ayita was that young, she was very easy and cool. THEN she had the hair on fire thing in the house regularly--after a very long time, we realized it was an "I gotta poop" signal" and we scooted her outside. I want another puppy so I can do it right...and I don't want another puppy...for me/us, it's all about the pup being tired. It's magic. Of course, it is simple here, two senior citizens and one pup. Sherab, your posts are my doggie bible. You go, girl!

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I was also very impressed with our dog training abilities lol. I was one proud momma when the vet said he'd never seen such a well trained puppy! Thank god he didn't see the devil dog that came out this weekend! We also have gates everywhere and Boone can only be in carpeted areas with direct supervision (I'm sure he'd laugh at that since he outsmarts us and pees the second we look away) He went from loving his crate and seeking it out to refusing to use his crate voluntarily yesterday and todayI I was totally amazed at how far backward we went in 24 hrs time! I think I checked out mentally today. My husband gave me the day off from doggy duty since it will be my responsibility most of the week. Can't imagine not having two of us to trade off! So sorry to take over your topic Denise. We have siblings & it sounds like they are both strong willed puppies! Wish we lived closer so we could get together and come up with strategic plans lol !

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I let the neighbors kids pet Tayamni today. She soaked it up! :wub:


She's been eating grass / weeds in my backyard. I try to stop her but I'd have to get rid of my weed lawn and just have sand.


Tayamni was under me feet eating a bully stick during my last posts and then she laid down on Roger's bed and went to sleep. She was a bit lethargic and not paying attention when I spoke out loud and got up and moved around. Weird going from stuck to me to that in a few hours.


I figured it out :). She was dehydrated! She doesn't drink much water and a lot of times I have to lead her to the dish or hold the hose when we are outside (it's cute!). Along with the crate stress today and running around outside (we exercise) it dehydrated her. She was even a little warm on her head.


She drank the goats milk but only ate food when I hand fed her and gave her water then she went back to the bed. There was no tail wagging or luster in her eyes. :wacko:


I played it safe and gave her a quarter of a baby aspirin and turned the A/C down a degree (to make it cooler).


She gradually got up to go outside but had no energy. Then I remembered chicken & rice. I made up a bowl for her and she devoured it! We went potty outside and she ran circles around the back yard! I gave her a little more when we got back inside.


She is now running around the house, playing with toys, wagging her tail and looking at me with bright eyes! :wub:

I've watched Cesar's shows for years, read his 'How to raise the Perfect puppy', read two books from the Monks of New Skete, and also a Terra Nova puppy care and training book.


They are valuable tools but not everything works in every situation. Earlier I was afraid I took the spark out of my puppy. Thank Creator these puppies are resilient and I give thanks for my animal husbandry experience. :rolleyes:


It's a good night tonight in this house! Tayamni just fell asleep after actively tiring herself out and she looks comfortable sleeping! :D She was even trying to play with the cats tonight. They are getting closer!


Ending on a good note. :lol:

OK. We'll see how it goes sleeping in the new crate tonight. ... that may take a little time?

Instinctually I feel like I am on the right track. B)


Glad I remembered to trust my gut earlier and that Tayamni is resilient! The pup is definitely good medicine! :wub:






Edited by Denise E.
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Hello guys... I have been so busy getting settled into my new home, running out to the Song Dog Kennels and raising Anoki over the last few weeks that I have not been able to respond to some of the comments, concerns and questions. I do however check the forum several times a day and I try to follow what is going on.


However, I just wanted to put my two cents worth in here for you Denise and drichard.


Sherab is 100% correct about having patience and being consistent. Puppies are just like children in a lot of ways. Kids have to learn what the difference between right and wrong is. If you don't immediately put the puppy on a schedule, the puppy will put you on their schedule, and chances are it will not be a schedule you like. I am personally not a fan of free run of the house or room until about eight weeks after the puppy gets home, at the earliest (every puppy is different). Puppies need to learn the boundaries and can not learn the boundaries if they are not kept in a restricted area or a crate like area which limits them. I use a crate and have done so for my puppies who used the crates well into their adult years. It is also their safe place where they go when they want to be alone. The puppy must be supervised when he or she is out until he or she has earned your trust, and then you can slowly allow them longer unsupervised time.


Frustration at times with your puppy will happen. That is just part of the growing process for you and the puppy. Be firm with your commands yet extra happy when you want to reward them or get them to come to you. To a puppy, free time is playtime. If you spend the allocated free time (playtime) playing with your puppy, you and your puppy will feel much better. Training can be and should be done during free time but informally at first. Gently place the puppy into a sit while saying "sit", do the same for down etc. then get excited about it and praise your puppy. Treats are not always necessary. If you use treats maybe stick with the puppy's kibble. Puppies love praise and the more excited you are the better.


I use an intermediate size kennel for Anoki. I move the kennel into the living area during the day and into the bedroom at night. Anoki only complained off and on for the first two or three days. Although it would at times get irritating listening to him work into long howls, I knew that if I gave in he would always do that. A few firm NOs!! and a slap on top of the kennel and he got the message. No further problems.


On the biting at the shoes, jeans etc. I usually have a knotted rope near by and quickly offer the rope as a distractor and we begin a tug-o-war match. I never let him win. When he quits pulling on the toy, I tell him what a good boy he is and give him the toy. He quickly takes the toy then walks away to chew on the toy.


These guidelines have always worked well for me and the puppies I have had over the years. Every puppy is different and adjustment have to be made to accommodate the individual pup. If I remember correctly, one of The Monks of New Skete books gives examples of schedules for puppies.


I hope this information helps. Again, just my two cents worth.

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Nah, you didn't take over my post. 1. You are commenting and providing feedback. 2. It all about these incredible AI Dogs and we (all of us 1st time AI puppy people) getting our feet wet and trying our best. 3. That's one reason for this forum, to share information and help each other out. :)


It is a Marathon - like Greg and Sherab at least paraphrased.

Just completed our potty break - I have a poos & pees diddy, when we're outside. and I ask about Outside / potty when we are indoors and it is time to go so it's different (not to be confused in our surroundings- LOL)


I use the crate and fences and had a detailed schedule made a week before Tayamni arrived. Sticking to the schedule is not a problem with some adjustments I knew would be made to keep pups responsiveness up. I based it on the schedules from 3 different books (Cesar, New Skete and Terra Nova) and thought about my life's demands - work etc. so it would be realistic.


Tayamni likes to stretch out a lot when sleeping. She did fit into the puppy crate I had on Friday night, she also fit the collar I had. Saturday I had to get a new collar. I know they say if the dog can turn around in the crate it is big enough, but she doesn't like too confined of a space. This larger crate gives her room to stretch out and she makes much less noise. It is loud yet only lasts a few minutes again and it is not the ear piercing cries it was on Sunday morning. At least not now. I think she feels she has to protest a bit - to make herself known. This is normal sounding.


I think they do grow in their sleep! LOL! That would explain the cage and collar becoming too small. Also, she probably gained some water weight back after the 14 hour trip which would explain the collar but not the crate.


Children grow in their sleep during growth spurts, why not dogs?


;lpppppppphuyolkkkk = ooops - Gidget just put her two cents in here.deeeeeeeeeeeeee.(she had more to say ....)


Tayamni is much happier in the bigger crate (for sleeping only), happy not to be fenced in the kitchen all times during the day. Even though we have a full size kitchen here, not a galley kitchen. My floor plan is somewhat open also - doing the best I can (will post pics of the larger crate and fencing and gate during the daylight).


Every dog is an individual but I have noticed in just the couple days she's been here, that these AI dogs have something different than other breeds I've worked with.


The lessons to learn so far have been mine not the pups. We are getting into sync as we get to know each other. The schedule informal training, etc are all there in the works, but it is the intangible dynamics that are evolving! (not who is alpha, but the relationship, bonding and signaling, understanding). Of course she needs consistent training to learn and retain. I'm sure she'll have her perfect days, willful days, independent days ,,, the beauty of life!


Oh, I left the bedroom light on - she just realized it and is making herself known. When she quiets I can go in and back to bed a few more hours! :)











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Since you mentioned asprin I thought I'd post this:




We keep benadryl on hand for bees or back in our texas days snake bite. Imodium is also our friend.


Note that it should be real asprin, and not for long term. Our vet here is really jumpy about people asprin (bad experience with a dog bleeding out). Our Texas vet was - no problem, just use buffered. Since we've had ancient dogs for the last 4 years we have geriatric dog meds on hand so when Cake over did beating on Waki the vet said just give her one of Shiva's meds. Anyhow my point is if after reading about asprin you are nervous there's always a vet prescription for "dog asprin".

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Since you mentioned asprin I thought I'd post this: http://www.walkervalleyvet.com/otc-meds.htm]http://www.walkervalleyvet.com/otc-meds.htm[/url] We keep benadryl on hand for bees or back in our texas days snake bite. Imodium is also our friend. Note that it should be real asprin, and not for long term. Our vet here is really jumpy about people asprin (bad experience with a dog bleeding out). Our Texas vet was - no problem, just use buffered. Since we've had ancient dogs for the last 4 years we have geriatric dog meds on hand so when Cake over did beating on Waki the vet said just give her one of Shiva's meds. Anyhow my point is if after reading about asprin you are nervous there's always a vet prescription for "dog asprin".

LOVE THAT SITE! I always forget dosing / lbs and have to look them up again or call. This seems to have almost everything.


My Vets allow 1/4 to 1/3rd Baby aspirin to my cat that used to fever after vaccinations. He grew out of it :D

I am aware that cats have more delicate systems than dogs, but caution is ALWAYS recommended for all animals.

And Yes, I gave a HALF dose of baby aspirin to Tayamni (so it was a 1/4 of a baby aspirin). Sunday evening, vets closed, and I knew fast action would nip it (from experience). The little bit of aspirin brought her warm head and tummy (after being indoors for 2 hours so it wasn't fro being outside) back to normal and then she got interested in eating and drinking some water and goat milk. Still lethargic until the chicken & rice, then she was back to normal. :wub:


I forgot about Benedryl, I do have that on hand for the cats, but I don't think it would have worked in this situation.

We do have a lot of "honey" bees in the yard because of all the weed grass flowers right now blanketing the yard.

During the day 11AM - 4Pm the bees are most active. Need to keep Benedryl at the ready ... as precaution only of course!


There are Africanized bees in Broward County, Florida so I am always cautious but we have been living in harmony with the ones that visit our yard and they have been gentle. In a month or two this season will be over and not so many. :)


PS It has got to be an adjustment going from living in 45 - 50 weather, then playing outside in 83 degree days with humidity and hot sun. We even stayed away from the busy bee times of day (except for potty breaks)!

Edited by Denise E.
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