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Introducing Nakoma

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Keith, that sounds like a whole lot of fun. Is there a group I should look for in my area?

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Sorry I did not post this sooner I have been absolutely overwhelmed with this amazing puppy! I am not 100% on him name but pretty sure I will be sticking with Nakoma (meaning is Great Warrior or Great

A few new photos of Nakoma. My cat dose not normal go outside and was not happy about the snow, so Nakoma followed him around licking the snow off of his head.

Thanks for eveyones replays, it is great hearing about his litter mates! I have also been working very hard with his overly excited and love for other people and animals. He has improved a lot, even t

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Great to hear about an Indian doing well for rescue. I am thinking about doing it myself. I did rescue back in Phoenix. I always hiked with my last indian. I am on the list for another pup right now and would love to share the rescue adventure with him.

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Hey Keith, you are inspiring me to build an agility course. I think this will be my spring / summer project for my three pups. Any suggestions are appreciated. Love the teepee too. Gotta build that as well. :D

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