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Danza The Downward Dog

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Hi folks, I haven't been around much, but my AID Danza and I have developed a nice routine that you might enjoy with your own dogs.


I decided a few years ago that every time my dogs stretched, so would I. With 2 dogs, that's a lot of stretching! Now it's just the one dog, and we stretch together. At the start I made a big show of joining in with the activity. "Oh, we're stretching, are we?" and down I'd go with my hands on the floor. When Danza stretches I'll mention the word to her.


Now, if I start to stretch she runs over to join me. She has learned the exact best way to 'help' me that has the best chance of her getting pet (i.e. kind of in the way but not enough to annoy me.) its a very enjoyable part of my day, and I'm much more flexible now!

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