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Chief Hiawatha Big Medicine Blankets Ready For The Holidays

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Quote Kim LaFlamme:

Dear members and friends ,
Please help we need hay money for the year. we have delivery date now in the First week of November , thank you cyn

Chief Hiawatha Big Medicine Blankets
Ready for the Holidays




Great news! Pendleton has completed their mill refurbishment and is fulfilling orders again. They have just let us know that our blanket order will be ready in mid-November. The 190 blankets in 2014 series are selling very quickly. We are sold out of the first 40 and the price is now $450 (with shipping included in the Continental U.S.)

To place your order for a $450 blanket via credit card, please visit our website at: www.sacredworldpeacealliance.com http://www.sacredworldpeacealliance.com/> and click on the “Store” tab. You can place your order with Visa, Mastercard or Diners Club. Pay Pal orders are also processed through the store tab.

For orders paid by check please call Cynthia Hart-Button at (541) 323-1885 or (888) 401-5066.

For orders outside the U.S., Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii, please call to inquire for shipping charges and to place your order directly with Cynthia Hart-Button at 541-323-1885.

Big Medicine brown face.jpg

If you would like to become an Ambassador to the White Buffalo, we have our named blankets in a

limited collector’s edition series of 19 blankets. These blankets come with the name of one of the nineteen white buffalo on its respective leather tag and are numbered 1-19. The cost of these Ambassador blankets is $4,000 and they increase in value handsomely each year. Purchase of one of these blankets makes you an Ambassador to the White Buffalo and entitles you to: 1) come to one of our ranch events for free with a party of up to 4 people, 2) a prayer blanket membership card and 3) a 8 ∏’ X 11 “ photo of the buffalo whose blanket you have purchased. Please call Cythia Hart-Button directly to inquire about the blankets remaining in the limited collector’s edition at 541-323-1885 Mon-Fri from 9-6 p.m.

For Ambassador Blanket orders please call Cynthia Hart-Button directly between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday at: (541) 323-1885 or (888)401-5066.


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