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My Heart Rejoices Along With My Grandfather’S & All The Ancestors

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Quote Kim LaFlamme:

........ when I hear this, it makes it all worth it – my heart rejoices along with my grandfather’s & all the Ancestors -


I came across your website and was taken aback. I am of Ojibwe decent and at 73 years old, I remember these dogs from my father and grandfather.

I’ve read every word in your website and searched around the internet for other information.

I am so very pleased that you have dedicated your life to bringing this great dog back to it’s rightful place.

I am at an age now, that it wouldn’t be advisable to have one of these wonderful dogs. But I now know that they are being saved and my heart rejoices.

Chi-miigwetch (many thanks) for the wonderful work that you are doing with these fine animals.

David Westurn

P.S. If I’m ever in Oregon, I would like to stop by and see these fine dogs and to meet you and your family.


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Congratulations Kim....It's so special to receive a compliment like that from someone you don't know, who is giving it to you spontaneously straight from the heart. ..........a compliment well deserved for all the hard work you are doing.

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