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We just got home from a trip to the beach. Most of the time it was EpicStorm season.. 20-35mph winds with 40-70mph gusts and Rain (imagine walking through the blast of a pressure washer..)
So I didn't get many opportunities to take photos or video.
But on our way back home, we stopped at our favourite "last chance to play" spot, and it has wonderful tall dunes and grasses. (sorry, had issues linking the video..lol)


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I love the stalk, followed by the lightening strike run up, over and around the base of the dune and his ecstatic jump at the end of the run! Such fun!

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It sounded like you had "Church Laugh".... :lol: Ya know when you want to burst out laughing and can't. :lol: Lots of snickers on your end and belly laughs on my end. Great video. Looks like they had a ton if fun.

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Love the "dog on the distant hill" shot, too.

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I have several stories too- just need to write them :)

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I have several stories too- just need to write them :)

write on Star... :D I want to hear it all.

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Story Time!


Story 1: After patiently traveling in the truck to the coast, we stop briefly in Florence to let the kids play at Heceta beach. Weather is changing for the worse, and we only get 15-20 min of beach time before heading back onto the road. Arrive at Deane's and get checked in and chat with Katherine and Nibs and Trixie for a few minutes. Unpack into the room, settle slightly, then decide to brave the weather and try the beach. (now mind you, it is 20-30mph winds with 40+mph gusts, and sideways rain) We head out across the grassy area towards the stairs, kids excitedly dashing about, but sticking close- as they are supposed to.. Descend the stairs, dogs following- as taught. Get to the bottom, Jas heads out onto the sand, gets about 10 feet and turns around, looks at me, blinking/squinting due to rain and blowing debris. And he heads right back up the stairs, K'ne following. You KNOW it is bad weather when the dogs don't want to run on the beach... We all wandered around up on the grass for a little bit, and they ran around for a few minutes. Almost getting blown over at times, staggering at the strong gusts of wind/rain. And we waited a couple hours for the weather to let up... lol


Story 2: During said later beach excursion.. Dogs running around joyfully, generally having a blast.

A couple comes down with a small (knee-high toddler) child. I smile and wave, in the manner that implies "Yes my dogs look like wild creatures, but I promise they won't eat your child!"

Couple watches dogs for a moment, then decide I might be right... Begin engaging child about wonders of the beach.

K'ne notices said child. Runs up, slows to a walk for the last 10' or so, and politely and gently greets the child and the mother. Mother is impressed with K'ne's manners. :)

K'ne dashes off again to play with Jas.

As they run the beach, K'ne spots a broken piece of shell (favorite "I got this" keep away toy on the beach!) She grabs it and runs back to the child, shell in mouth. Offers it to the little girl, who is too consumed with the weather to notice a dog. So K'ne drops the shell at her feet does the 'dog-smile' nose up/head tilt, and dashes off to play again.

Mother, "Did your dog just give a present to my daughter?"

Me, "..yep :)"


Story 3: Next day, weather is clearing more, but still VeryWindy.

We all go down to the beach. Me and the Hubby, Jas and K'ne.

Walking into the wind on the outbound leg, we are all exploring and having a good time.

Hubby bends down to look at something, and his ball cap flies off - and Down the Beach it Goes!

He runs after it, but with the wind speed, I think there is No way he will ever catch it.

Me, "K'ne, go git that!"

K'ne ..looks.., "OK!"

And off she goes, tearing down the beach after T's hat. He is running along with her, encouraging her.

She grabs it once, only to have a big gust of wind Immediately rip it out of her mouth.

K'ne, "Hey!!" And off she goes again.

She manages it grab it again. Hubby following along. She shakes it hard, to make sure it is dead this time.. Hubby cheers! She walks up to him, "Look dad, I gots it!"

He reaches for his hat. She turns her head, "No" and trots down the beach back to me.

Hubby.. "Um.." wow- really?

Well, he can't really be mad at her. She did exactly what she was told. She got the hat. I was the one that sent her, so she returned it to me.

He just had to chuckle all the way back... lol

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Great story Star. Sounds like that little girls mom was blown away by K'ne's gift offering. Beautiful.

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