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Hey Kim,

Thought the attached photo interesting.....found it on Pintrest and it traces back to the Denver Public Library. Take note of the pups feet...... they are protected. :-) Also the pup reminds me a bit like "Snake," Linda Bells dog.

Miz Molly


Quote Kim Laflamme:

......I’ve seen that photo before.......that is a Village Indian dog type or “Chippewa” …. You can still see a few in the long distance sled dog races like the Iditarod … (with boots) so they don’t ware or cut their feet. To keep size in per-portion the fellow is probably pretty short if he is Yaqui.



Quote Denver Public Library:


"Couple to ride horses across continent: Rainbow Sistesso, a Sioux woman and Little Chief White Eagle, a Yaqui Native American plan to try for a new style of record, riding horseback from Los Angeles to New York in Indian style, using the same horses all the way. It will be a honeymoon trip, they said yesterday, for White Eagle has 'found the Rainbow' and the wedding is set for the near future. The trip will be started in the spring, when weather is better." Photo: October, 1930.





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Another ancestor found on Pinterest traced to "American Gallery"....greatest
> American painters.


Quote Kim Laflamme

Hey, that's one I've never seen, very nice! Yes, post that, it's good when we can find those that aren't those modern wolf looking pix ... & this seems to show that Blue Lead color that used to be in all the different types in pre-Columbian times (that is a dilute black) - Would be nice to give the
artist credit if you know who painted it?




The artist is:

Valentine Walter Bromley (1848 – 1877)




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