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Coydo- World Traveler

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Up-date for forum – Most world traveled AI dog

Coydo has been all over the world; all over the US & Canada, South America & Europe, mountain climbing with Peter.


Kim La Flamme ~ founder/trustee of the AIDog breed for over 45 years --www.indiandogs.com





Hi Kim,


We wish you a happy New Year, good health and the best of luck and happiness in 2014!


I thought you might enjoy the picture of Coydo on an alpine hike with Peter (Coydo is really unimpressed by the narrow ridge he is standing on). He is a mountain climbing fool, that can go anywhere, like Peter.


Paul, Edith, Peter and Linda - Switzerland


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Wow, this just made my day!


Does Coydo have a blog? I would love to learn more about his travels and his family.....


So far we have taken Neo on two major road trips in the last month: Brooklyn to Orlando, and Brooklyn to South Bend, Indiana. He is marvelous in the car, and has logged over 3,000 miles since joining our family on November 1. We are planning on taking him all over the US and Canada. We would love to take him abroad on trips, but we are not familiar with international dog travel (flights, hotels, dog friendly bars and restaurants). We are a little hesitant to take him on the plane. He still seems a little wild for the airport....

neo vet.jpg

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