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Aquine....a Testimonial To The American Indian Dog

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Quote Kim Laflamme:

Hi Kim,

Here is a recent picture of Aquene at eight months old (already!) with
Brando and I at the beach. Aquene continues to follow the lead of big
brother, and he makes sure to watch out for her and defend her, if

My older dog is having "senior moments" pretty often these days, and she
responds with a polite inquisitiveness. For instance, my older dog will
stand in one spot, staring into space. Aquene, who always wants to know
what's going on, looks at Brando, then towards the place he is looking, and
then back towards Brando. Its as if she's saying, "What is it big brother?
What is it I'm looking at?" It is heart warming.

Aquene also is very connected to my children. I have seen her leave one
room and go to a different room where my son is crying. I know she was
concerned and so went to make sure all was ok. She often lay's down behind
or near my kids on the floor so as to be close to them. What else could I

Aquene is unbelievably patient through all of the tail pulling and wrestling
matches, etc., that are a daily occurrence around here. She does still use
her mouth a bit too much in play, but in all honesty, it's only fair given
the usual circumstances.

As to her health, she's fit as a fiddle. We seem to have the roundworms
under control. I will say, however, that she's managed to chip a tooth
already. This is in addition to the puncture wound in her armpit (no
stitches were necessary, thank goodness.) There was no sign of pain or
slowing down (she continued to run) that gave us any clue as to a new
injury. It was not until much later that we realize she was hurt. With a
little time, she was up and running again. Tough dog!

Out of everything at this point, there is one attribute that continues to
amaze me, and that is Aquene's capacity for love. When we first got her, I
made a hasty conclusion based on her early habits that she didn't much care
for touch...that she was more of an aloof dog, who preferred a hug or pets
only occasionally. Boy, was I wrong! Despite my incorrect assumption, I
continued to love on her the way I wanted to. What I have seen now is that
she comes to me for affection on her own accord...and all the time. And
what is most beautiful is how she gives love to me: in the way I taught her
to receive it in those early months.

I can't explain all of those moments that I experience during the day when I
look upon her and my heart rejoices. It happens when I see her beautiful
tail hang "just so." It's the way she suns herself on the deck as if time
stood still. It's how she'll come looking for me in various places -sticking
her nose quietly in the crack of the door to push it ajar...

What she does for me is immense. At first I was consumed with training and
with providing validation to her as a member of the pack. What caught me by
surprise is how gently she has validated my existence, which was, of course,
her intention from the start.

My heart floweth over,

Joy Wonsowicz - S. CA


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