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How The Word Gets Out Through Owners

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Quote from Kim Laflamme


Hello Kim,


First of all, congratulations on your positive impact on the breed. My

father was lucky to get a dog from you 3 years ago and I recently visited

his place and fell in love with his dog, Jasper (different from the Jasper

pictured on your site). Jasper's temperament, intelligence, and instincts

won me over. My father has 18 chickens and each night Jasper herds them into

their coups before the sun sets. He's also very delicate with 2 toddler

grandchildren that were visiting as well...Needless to say, after 3 weeks of

research and re-reading your web site and forum site, I wanted to inquire

further about the process of obtaining an AI pup.


I know and understand the breed's needs and would be happy to engage in

further discussion to demonstrate our ability to support those needs.


Thank you,


David V.


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