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Quote from Kim Laflamme

Hello! I just wanted to send you an update - I was finally able to visit one of the AIDog owners you recommended to me on your owners list!

I drove out to Austin, Tx and was able to visit with Kiley Fascia and meet both her 8 year old AIDog and the new puppy that she just picked up from you out in Oregon. Kiley was really sweet, answered all my questions and let my husband and I visit with her dogs for about an hour. They were so beautiful and her 8 year old female, Noquisi, was very affectionate - she kept jumping up on the couch next to me and rolling over so I could rub her belly. Both the dogs seemed very attentive to Kiley, especially Noquisi - Kiley just had to say her name once and Noquisi would whip around and look right into her eyes anticipating her mom's requests!

Kiley was also able to tell me about her experience with you and the process of selecting a dog. She also told me about your Ghost who she said was about 18 years old and still had such a young spirit! A mentally and physically healthy dog is of the upmost importance to me, so I was thrilled to hear her talk about Ghost!

I am so glad that I was able to meet the dogs in person and am so grateful to Kiley for opening up her house to me! This meeting confirmed my desire to own one of these dogs. They are everything I have been searching for: health, attentiveness, beauty, and so much more!

- Natasha Littrell - TX


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