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The Gathering 2013 Pictures And Stories

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Well, we are back, and I have run a few pics through the old computron..


Looks like the 'play area' was a big hit with the dogs :)

G13~01.jpg G13~02.jpg G13~05.jpg G13~08.jpg

And the kids too!



After a while, K'ne was so worn out..



And the obligatory attempt at a panorama shot of some of the folks at the Potluck- from pics taken with my phone..


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And a few pics Not from the potluck


Val and Justin toured the PNW and had a stop over at our place for a couple days. Val went with us to our local dog park, and we hiked the Crilly Nature Trail back to the car.



Miz Molly ordered some bunnies from me- they seemed none the worse for wear. :)



First day in camp, we got set up and played some ball and hiked around a bit. With all the commotion, K'ne was Flop-Dog.. lol They were both still watching things going on.. but Jas was the only one standing up..


And relaxing around the fire, waiting for dinner.. (yes our dogs have their own camp chairs..)



Sunrises were Epic and Beautiful!


And we played ball each morning in the 'ball field' (and Ranger Fred was cool with us, he knows us and our dogs :) )



Those of you who made it out to Kim and Arlene's got to see his kewl new driveway sign. B)



Jas and Ghost really do LUV each other-G13a~19.jpg


Striking camp- the dogs decided it was nap time..G13a~26.jpg

So was the drive home.. lol


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A special Thank You to Ron and Christy B. for taking care of the BBQ and potluck. They were not even on the waiting list for a pup yet, and they chose to step up and cut veggies and arrange foodstuffs and cook the burgers and brats for everyone. :blink: You guys are awesome! B) Thank you again!


We really enjoyed meeting the "Finnish contingent." You folks are wonderful and warm and fun. Glad you could make it all the way over here, and we really enjoyed having you - we will miss you.

(ps: and the chocolate was fantastic - thank you)


Thank you to the nice guy (didn't catch your name) who helped set up the fencing for the play area.


Miz Molly and all the folks who helped her clean up after the potluck- we really appreciated your help. You saved me a lot of work at the end of a long day!


Thank you Ranger Fred- for being such a great guy, and letting us set up the play area !

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Absolutely a fantastic time. Took lots of photos of amazing canines and people. Here is some of what I took. I'm hesitating on posting the portraits of people with out their permission, so I will do that later after I get their o.k......


The morning of the gathering......the smoke from the forest fires seemed to have cleared a lot.

the morning of the gathering....jpg


Some time during the day, we were introduced to Tonto, one of Kim's new breeders....what a cutie.

meeting Tonto IMG_1230.jpg



The pups were so well behaved that somewhere there must have been a script written for them. It was like they were remembering their fellow blood brothers and sisters from the past. They had a ball runing, playing and conversing with each other.

just play IMG_1152.jpg

conversing IMG_1182.jpg

having fun IMG_1138.jpg


Some of the cast of characters were:

Tonto the escape artist....

tonto IMG_1193.jpg


Josh Wallace companion of Ryder

ryder IMG_1172.jpg


Diane's "Scooter"

Scooter  IMG_1204.jpg


And of course Anna attracted ALL of the dogs when she entered the ring.....

anna and friends IMG_1145.jpg


Near the end of the event, Sandy Mayes of "Canine Angels" gave some magical tips on training and told heart felt stories of her journey with her dogs that help in guiding and helping the human through their difficult times.


It was a wonderful experience to be a part of such an incredible event. Lots of friendships developed, faces put to the names on the forum, great conversations and the food was outstanding....more to come.....






Sandy mayes IMG_1141.jpg

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And of course Anna attracted ALL of the dogs when she entered the ring.....

http://www.iidoba.org/forums/public/style_images/master/attachicon.gifanna and friends IMG_1145.jpg


LOL- Yep, that's me in my 'natural habitat.' B)

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From Kim:

Another great time at this year’s 2013 gathering. Anna & Trevor once again worked there little hind ends off … & what nice signs to direct people to the gathering & the permanent one on my driveway. So many owners, like Molly & even non-owners … “yet!” (like Anna & Trevor’s friend’s) jumped in there to help, Josh & his Mom Martha, Tea & Wallace from Finland & there friends (also getting new pups) Todd Pound & family picking up there new pup, from S. CA, Wendy & Jenifer, with there older retired AI dogs, Valarie picking up catch …. Etc. I hope this will encourage some of those not yet on the forum to join up?


I hope some one got a video of Sandy Mays from Canine Angels with her AI dog Tayler’s demo of service dog training. Plus the “tough love” demo of the spoiled young AI dog (Sandy is “the 2ndcoming” of Ceasar Mallon – the dog whisperer) very nice to see such a great change in a spoiled dog in just 5 minutes of tough love …. some times very hard to get through to new owners, with out a “live demo,” to see results in minutes. Thanks to Sandy for taking advantage of the moment; turning a spoiled dog into a very humble respectful member of the pack.


A very fun educational gathering – thanks to all, we had lots of fun & food -




Kim La Flamme ~ founder/trustee of the AIDog breed for over 45 years -- www.indiandogs.com


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Awesome. Love the new sign. Tonto looks soooooo soft. Is that one yellow eye and one blue?


Someday, maybe in a few years when we have a car that can tow a trailer over the mountains and I don't have to leave my old dogs for 2 weeks...

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.......a quiet moment the evening of the gathering

when saying good bye to each other was difficult to say the least.....


A dog loves his man and a man loves his dog.

last hug for Catch IMG_1033.jpg


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.......a quiet moment the evening of the gathering

when saying good bye to each other was difficult to say the least.....


A dog loves his man and a man loves his dog.


http://www.iidoba.org/forums/public/style_images/master/attachicon.giflast hug for Catch IMG_1033.jpg


Very touching photo. I am sure it was hard for both of them.

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Ok, that one almost made me cry. Perfect example of pictures saying so much more than words could. Beautiful moment. So glad someone captured it. Enjoy retirement, Catch!!

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I agree NashAsh....brought tears to my eyes! The pictures do sometimes say a million words and that picture not only says the words but the love is felt by all of us who own AIdogs!!!!! Thanks for posting that Mizmolly!!!! I'm sure Catch will be well cared for........

So glad you all had a good time this year.... :D

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Hey, did anyone get a video of Sandy Mayes demo? If so, Please post it...Thanks so much.

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Here are more photos of the cast of characters at the gathering......


Josh Wallace..... IMG_1279.jpg


His mom, Martha.....IMG_1282.jpg


Their dog Ryder......IMG_1293.jpg


The Pond family....the Pond family CRW_1044.jpg


Sandy Mays of Canine Angels.....Sandy Mayes CRW_1094.jpg


You gave a wonderful demo Sandy....thanks so much. Hope to see you at future gatherings with more information and demonstrations. FANTASTIC!


Val and Justin, (sorry Justin, didn't get a shot of you) the new companions to Dream Catcher (Catch)......

Val IMG_1242.jpg


"wonderful" Wendy..........wendy IMG_1244.jpg


Demetre (Elaine where are you?)........Demetre IMG_1247.jpg


For some it was a full on family affair:

Christy.......christy IMG_1263.jpg

Ron.....Ron IMG_1260.jpg

Michael.....Michael IMG_1257.jpg

and Tess.....Tess  IMG_1107.jpg




More photos to come.



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