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Jennifer Kirkpatrick And Katori

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Quote from Kim LaFlamme:

Hi Kim
Katori recently got her next set of puppy shots, plus her first of 2 rattlesnake vaccines, so we have been getting out exploring the BLM land next to us. I have discovered that she has an incredible natural tracking ability, as on our first time out, she backtracked us all the way back home! I was impressed! I think I will look into tracking with her in the future.

I have a big rubber tub full of water in the back yard for her to play in, and she will retrieve toys from the bottom....eyes closed, water up to her ears, blowing bubbles through her nose. Not all dogs will automatically do an underwater retrieve. She is fearless. She mastered the steep slick stairs up to my Mom's upstairs with very little encouragement, and races up and down the steps to our deck.
She loves everybody she meets, including small children, and has darn good house and people manners....... (forgiving her for some natural puppy exuberance) She is so smart, and learns so fast, she is a joy to work with. We will be going to our first "Puppy Kindergarten" class this Monday, and I know she will really enjoy meeting some other puppies to play with.
AIDogs are different from any other breed I have been around, and it has been a great adventure getting to know her. She is growing so fast I can almost watch it happen, and Ive noticed that the markings she had on her back earlier have faded..... which made me sad, as I really liked them, but she is growing up by leaps and bounds. One thing I am looking forward to is her trading her puppy teeth for her "big girl" teeth. As soft mouthed as she is, it is hard when you have a mouth full of needles, but she tries to be gentle. As much as she loves on her plush squeaky toys, she has yet to destroy one, although she makes short work of a cardboard paper towel roll.
So, that is our update, and I hope you get the photo.
Jennifer & Katori
– N.East Oregon




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