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Hi Kim,


I'm happy to report that Aquene is fitting in well with our pack. She is a light-hearted complement to Brando's serious nature. She is naturally sweet (as you know) and likes to get into a little mischief every once in a while. Also, we have a new nickname for Aquene: the Green Beret. She is so funny how she likes to "army crawl" under the furniture (she prefers to sleep under our bed). She likes to tease Brando, too, by acting submissive (upside down on her back), while inching her way toward him to get him to play or steal his toy. Its hilarious!


She is definitely quick to learn. I can tell that she knows when she's broken the rules. I have only introduced her to two other grown dogs since she won't be out of the parvo risk period until Aug. 1. The last introduction was interesting. He was a very nice large white German Shepherd. I just let my dogs out of the house with no formal introduction. Oops! That shepherd chased Aquene around the yard and house, while Aquene was screaming in such a way I have never heard any dog do. I thought, "Oh my God! He's devouring her!" I then saw that she was frightened out of her wits. I was able to introduce them later by restraining his movements and allowing her to come forward to him. She made a big improvement in 10 minutes, but it reminded me how I need to get her out to meet more dogs. Come on, August 1st!


I have attached a photo of our girl taken just today. Isn't she something?!


Talk soon,



Joy Wonsowicz.jpg

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