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Testimonial ...diana Burton

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Quote from Kim LaFlamme


Kim, (just wanted to give you an up date on how our retired AI dog Echo is doing)

My husband and I were repairing fence today and I had unearthed a hornet ground nest without realizing it. I was about to take a step backward right into it when Echo ran up to me pointing behind me. I quickly got the heck out of there as hornets were swarming every where. Poor Echo got stung several times on her nose. It would have meant a trip to the emergency room for me or worse as I am allergic to bee stings.

Yesterday we were working on hanging a new gate and I had run to grab a tool. Echo always follows me but had stayed behind. When I got back Don said Echo was pointing out a frog he almost stepped on.

She's is incredible.

Diana Burton – Applegate OR


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