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Testimonial....aaron And Amy Jones

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Quote from Kim LaFlamme


Dear Kim,

I cannot express how thankful we are for you and your mission for these beautiful and wonderful canines. Though it has only been 24 hours the little spirit you have sent us has brought such a fulfillment to our family. As I mentioned to you during our conversation when I first expressed an interest in the American Indian Dog breed, I have never not had a canine companion in my life since the passing of our last dog, Maya, a year and a half ago (she was 16). I wasn't sure if I could ever go through the loss again. However, I quickly discovered how much I depend upon a connection with a dog. I want to make sure that my children have the same connections I shared growing up.

Since the arrival of the puppy he has been showered with love and attention. It was a long evening as he had a very long and difficult journey by plane as well as he was missing his pack. Luckily school is out and my wife was able to stay home with the kids to help the puppy acclimate to his new home. By the time I came home for lunch the kids and puppy were rolling in the yard and playing. He is the perfect puppy! His disposition and personality are a perfect match, thank you.

He seems to enjoy the Ozark topography. We had two deer in the backyard this evening and he was ready to investigate them. The cool springs he enjoys to drink, but not quite yet ready to jump in with the kids. He is an absolute perfect addition to our family. We have tried to take some pictures, he does not stay still long enough for a good picture, nor does he like to held for picture, he is wanting to explore everything. We will send something better this weekend, for now here are a couple of snapshots.

Amy and I will begin the paper work this weekend. As I am descended from the Muscogee tribe I would like to honor my grandfather with a Creek name (his first language- he was also a Creek talker in WWII). Currently I am partial to the name Chitto, meaning "brave". I know this must be confirmed, but I thought I would share the importance of the specific tribe.

Thank you for this exceptional gift.

Aaron, Amy, Alexandria and Axton - AR


aaron and amy jones puppy pic 1.jpg


aaron and amy Jones puppy pic 2.jpg

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