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Testimonial...the One That Got Away

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Hi Kim,


My family and I are having such a wonderful time getting to know our pup. She has impressed us in so many ways! Not only is she totally attuned to her environment, she is determined to be with the family at all times. What is most impressive, however, is how well she has assimilated into our pack. By the way she sleeps or rests when we do, you'd think she has been here for a long time. Can you believe she slept through the entire night (in her crate) without incident? She goes with the flow, which is exactly what we need.


We're still figuring out what to name her. I have some ideas, but I am waiting to make sure my Indian translations are accurate.


I have also attached another beautiful photo of her on our deck. She is truly stunning, inside and out. What a blessing she is for me and my family. Thank you again for bringing her into our lives.




Joy Wonsowicz – S. CA.


joy wonsowicz pup.jpg


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