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This is a Big Thank You for my wonderful, (more amazing every day) AI dog, best friend, Eedelut. Within the first few days of having Eedelut home, after picking him up from Kim, he was so amazing. Trying so hard to please, so intelligent and sensitive, making changes in his behavior with the smallest corrections, even though he was still a puppy, and an unneutered male. He has such an incredibly big heart, and sweet temper, that always showed up through the wild, puppyness . Yes, he had a good start with his first family...Thank You, Creek and family. When I first got Eedulut, we went into a training program together, ( Sandy Mays from Canine Angels service dogs for handicapped children, she has 2 AI dogs that she uses for training her service dogs & giving service dog classes - recommended by Kim), which helped me learn how to ask him clearly for the behavior I wanted and create a strong bond. I do believe though, so much comes from his pure AI breeding. That, incredible, pure, selective breeding that Kim has worked so hard to maintain over the many years. I believe his; high level intelligence, focused alertness, never ending curiosity, natural willingness to please, quick ability to deeply connect, and his huge heart, are part of the genetics of Songdog kennels AID breed. I just can't put into words my appreciation for your work, and for my love of Eedelut. I am so blessed to have Eedelut in my life. Thank you again, and again!


Wendy Reordan – Applegate OR.

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Kim, I have told you several times this story about a Peruvian Paso Stallion we purchased from you years ago, now I am finally putting it into writing for you:


While visiting your ranch 10 years ago, my 14 yr old daughter, Aurora, fell in love with a two year old black and white Peruvian Paso stallion of yours. We were amazed at how sweet and attentive he was. My daughter learned to train him through a local natural horsemanship training program. Everyone in the program, and the trainer, were amazed at how easily he took to her training. They noticed how he quickly bonded to her, and how responsive he was to her requests. He let her do just about anything with him. Before she had ridden him in class, she told me she felt he would let her ride him. I said go ahead and try. Sure enough she got on bareback, and he just followed her thoughts and simple actions in the round pen. Then she tried him out of the pen around the farm. He was so mellow. He had about three sessions with a saddle after that, then three sessions being ridden with the saddle. Aurora decided he was ready for a trail ride.


He went out once on the trail with Aurora, me on our other horse. Nothing seemed to phase him...nothing frightened him...just mellow. Aurora took him out on trail by herself, still mellow. Then one day Aurora went trail riding with a friend who was a beginning rider. He was on Rio, she was on our other horse. While out on the trail Aurora's friend shouted out in surprise. They hadn't tightened the girth enough so rider and saddle slid off Rio, and ended under his belly. So you know what Rio did...froze! Such a mellow character. Well we both believe he was very special, almost "magical". After many years Aurora, heading to college, decided to sell all her horses, goats and chickens to buy a car, and focus on school. We got a call from a woman who wanted to see him, was going to be at a hoof trimming class at a ranch near here. We loaded him up, and found ourselves at a small ranch, up a steep, small drive, lots of people, horses, dogs...chaos, noise, and confusion. The lady asked if we could bring him out to see him move, so out we brought him. Out among all the chaos, horses barking dogs, laughing, talking people he was of course mellow. Then she asked if Aurora thought she could get on him. Aurora jumped on his bareback, with only the halter and lead rope and rode him up and down the drive. We had only taken him once to a horse event at the fairgrounds to get him acquainted with the chaos that can happen. Well she sold him that day because the woman was very familiar with Peruvian Paso's. Said she didn't believe in shoeing some horses (she was at this "no shoe" trimming class). Said that he would be used for handicap riding classes and trail riding for herself on her ranch. Such an great story about one of your horses! So we've had such a good experience with 2 animals from your ranch, AIdog, and Peruvian Paso. Hope you enjoy this. Thanks you for your good work. Wendy .......Applegate OR.

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