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Speaking of the Red Wolf, in case you hadn't seen this...


From: http://www.indiandogs.com/timeline.html


According to newer studies, and it’s been my opinion over many years, all dogs from all over the world where originally developed from jackals and coyotes or the Asian wolf which isn’t actually a wolf at all but, like the Red wolf here, is more coyote than wolf. These later became, in some areas, the more domesticated Dingo type, one of the more primitive type dogs that were trapped in Australia and also brought by different migrating groups into the America’s from the south



From; http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/fieldnotes/2018228444_red_wolf_pups_born_at_tacoma_zoo_to_give_public_a_glimpse_of_one.html?cmpid=2628

Red wolf pups born at Tacoma zoo will give the public a glimpse of one of the world's rarest mammals






Smallest red wolf pup dies at Tacoma zoo

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wow- Beautiful animals!

And they do seem to share a lot of physical characteristics. :)

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I read something different that made sense to me. Dogs and wolves are descendants of a "proto-canine". In other words, both have a common ancestor that no longer exists.

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Some more intersting links. Had no idea the throat patch and chest bar were primative coat patterns. Makes sense now.


I thought all people were geneticly traced through Lucy of Africa, if so did she bring her dog too? Look at the crazy tail. http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2006/03/african-wolves/morell-text





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There is a naturalist in Australia, called the Barefoot Bushman, he investigated the origins of the Dingo, and found that the Dingo has ticks similar to the Thai dogs that run around the villages, and the Thai dogs have kangaroo ticks. So did early travellers take the dogs into Australia?

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Kim has often brought up the Red Wolf as an example of a "Wolf" that looks more like our dogs. (Thanks Gib) European Red Wolves, and as you will see in this Wiki article, there are several canines with "wolf" in the title, that are more like Coyotes, than the classic NA Timber Wolf, in temperament as well as body style.

Yes, common ancestors...

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I love red wolves because they're essentially coyotes with just a hint of wolf. Very similar to our Eastern coyote population.


My favorites though are the wolf-like jackals, specifically the Arabian 'wolves'. Of all the wild canids I've seen, those are the ones that remind me most of the AIdogs.





This one looks like it could be an AIdog:

Arabian Wolf


Another dog of interest is the Sulimov dogs of Russia. These dogs are from a breeding program in which a foundation stock was developed out of crossing huskies, reindeer herders, etc with a jackal with the sole intent of creating superior bomb sniffing dogs (which worked, apparently). Different from AIdogs in that these are definitely hybrids, but similar in the sense in that they are both partially derived from a jackal/coyote like canid. There are some physical similarities as well.


Here's a clip from a National Geographic special:


And a link to a pic of a very AIdog-like dog that the blogger/photographer says is a Sulimov dog

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Hey Woodrat- that top left pic with sandy yellow coloring - that "wolf" could almost be Jasper. Totally the same build and movement. And yeah- they are beautiful animals. :)


And kewl about the Russian Bomb-sniffing dogs.

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Cool vid. Except for those very curled tails, I know what you meant====independent, take their own initiative, have their own ideas....


Hey, what kind of mousse is the wolf in that one picture using? Sitka needs that. He is so cute, he doesn't scare anyone. Gives me an idea for the easiest Halloween costume ever.

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That doesn't require mousse Allison, just a wet dog and a comfy couch.. lol


Here's JJ as a comparison

Yes, he really is all legs this way.. lol


Jasper 4-12.jpg

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A couple of our local newspapers posted updates about the Red Wolves at Tacoma's Point Defiance Zoo.




Photo Number 5 of this one is not pretty -- an old photo after a wolf hunt -- I was not prepared and feel you should be. It's not pretty.





One thing about Photo Number 11 in the second gallery -- I got this from http://www.indiandog...m/standards.htm,


"TAIL: Long and reaching to the hock. Carried down with slight curve. May be held up when showing dominance, or straight out when running, but never curled forward past the perpendicular.

COAT: Medium length and shiny. Short thick plush undercoat with long guard hairs that stand off from body. Hair is longer on the chest, ruff, shoulders, back of legs, and tail.

COLOR & MARKINGS: Black, blue, white, golden red, gray, red & tan, tan, chocolate, cream, fawn, and silver. All colors have a sable shading with darker tipped guard hairs. All colors blend gently together, with very little spotting or defined line between colors. The tail has a dark scent marking (spot) ¾ up from tip. Some white on the chest, feet, caller and tip of the tail is accepted.


That dark scent mark is one of the things I look for when I see a dog that looks like an AI Dog. Not all dogs have that....

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