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An article came out in the San Francisco Chronicle detailing proposed legislation dealing with the proliferation of online puppy mills which have been able to skirt the federal laws regarding inspections for health & welfare of the animals that they offer to the marketplace.


I thought that it would be good fodder for discussion :):




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Puppy mills? I expect that is what they call puppy farms over here, there are a lot of breeders that have no real care for their animals and breed the bitches to death as they are only after the money.


The Royal Society for the Protection of Animals over here does a lot to try and stop it, we got Ruby through them, as a couple started off trying to rescue animals got so many they couldn't cope.Luckily for us Ruby seems a lovely gentle dog very amenable, but with no history she could have been a nightmare!

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the commercial "retail" market here can be a real disaster to say the least. My very first dog, Corky, was a retail dog although the store itself lasted for about 30 years. They were pretty well run actually & wouldn't have lasted that long if they were underhanded at all. I've heard lots of tales of horror though over the years so the oversight I believe is well warranted.

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I met what I thought was a puppy. It had been rescued from a puppy mill. I noticed his foot was curled up. When I started to ask the owner, I realized all his feet were curled upwards. It turns out the young Pit was 3-4 months old, and had never been out of a crate. It's feet had curled up because of lack of use. She told me when she got him, he didn't even know what grass was.


I saw the dog again, about 2 months later. Feet looking good, and the young dog was very happy and friendly. He could have hated us--people. I know I do, sometimes. Anyway, kudos to the lovely woman who took him into her pack.

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