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Happy Birthday To Soul, Yolo, Boulder...and Others

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Good early morning, all!

Yes, the missing poster is back! What? You haven't been following us on Facebook? For shame!


I hang my head in shame for missing out over the past months. It has been a very busy year and I have a feeling 2012 is shaping up to be even busier!

Today is Soul's 3rd birthday and I could not head out of computer world without dropping in and seeing how everyone is doing and to let everyone know we're still alive!


A quick update on the AID Facebook page - we're up to 229 followers! I drop in on a weekly basis and post updates and try to stay on top of things.


Our little family has expanded - we rescued two kittens (human raised from Day 1): Rael and Foxy. Soul has become a mother to them and we were amazed at how gentle he is with them - even when he's "scritching" them and slobbing them with love! They do love him just as much!





Winter went away quickly and we jumped right to summer - 9 straight days of over 75 degree temps and the past three days we have hit mid 80s. Yes, we live in Michigan. Hee hee...heard today that Oregon got some snow... :wub:




Soul is loving every minute of it! He's getting his wear and tear out on a daily basis!422163_10150636864752569_536512568_9514139_1209600832_n.jpg


Ah - so yes...we are hoping to make it out to the Gathering this year - we have a brand spanking new car that is great on gas and ready to roll west! It is all dependent upon if my school opens or not. We are waiting for our approval - should know within the next 3 or 4 weeks. If we are set to open and they give us the go ahead for the upcoming school year - we won't make it West; if they push us back a year or vote no - we should be there on time and with bells on! :-)


So - I'm going to drop in every so often again...because I have missed those of you NOT on Facebook and want to get to know all those who have gotten pups in the past few litters! Can't wait to get in here and look at all the new puppy pics!


Off to browse! Hoping this finds you all well and spring ready!


Take care,

Debi & Soul

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Hello Debi! Great to hear from you. Hope you can make it to the Gathering, and good luck with your school.


Love these cat pictures. Might have to add a whole page to Kim's site of dog with cats.

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Happy birthday, Soul!


When I was researching these dogs, Soul is one of the ones who stood out the most. He is such a handsome fellow.


How appropriate that March is Soul-Month in the AIdog calendar!

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Hey Debbie, so good to hear from you. I also hope to be at the gathering. This is going to be such fun meeting the real people behind the postings. It looks like Soul has bonded well with the kittens nestling on his back. Priceless. I love that. Thanks for the reminder to visit AID"s on face book. I'll check it out more often. Keep us posted about your school. Good luck. On the other hand I really hope you make it to the gathering. I look forward to meeting you all in person.

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Yay! She's Back! (sorta)


Happy Birthday Soul!!


And we hope you can make it to the Gathering

But also hope your School takes off..

Tough choice... hmm...

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