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Carpal Pads.. :(

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Jasper goes 115% So fast and jumps so high after his ball, he had been lightly tearing his carpal pads away from his wrists at the bottom.

So- I began trying to use vetwrap (in very bright colors, so I can find it if it does come off. don't want someone's idiot dog slurping it down) on his little wrists to give them support.

He goes so fast it was drug down to his feet by sheer centrifugal force.

Ok.. How about I add medical tape?




Ok- being slightly silly, and very careful

I tried Duct-Tape



Voila- it stuck, stayed, and no more owies! Takes a Real Dog to wear hot pink legwarmers. lol

So now it is known as Dog-Tape in our house.



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Bwaahahaahaa....hot pink leg warmers! That's classic! What a handsome dog he is!!

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Thanks- we are quite fond of him. (sorry the quality of the pic isn't great, was my phone, and is cropped)


A bunch of us were joking, during the trial/error phase of the solution.

That I could use zip ties, or super glue, or velcro, or bailing wire to hold the vet wrap in place.

The ultimate was c-clamps. Had me laughing uncontrollably, envisioning JJ trying to run with big ol' c-clamps on his wrists.

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Ow, that sounds like it hurts! Will he have to wear them whenever he's out playing from now on or just until they heal?


This is a good reminder to keep a close eye on our active dogs' feet. I've heard of dewclaws being ripped before, but never the carpal pad. Poor Jasper!

He is looking very fashionable though (and pleased with himself for that matter!) :P

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He will probably have to wear them for a long while until it really heals well, or possibly until he drops to 105% GO


Fortunately he only has to wear them when he is chasing his ball or catching frisbee.


Oh, and I think the new 'fashionable' Dog-tape wraps work great. Judging by the happy grin.

He got to chase his ball for about an hour without injury. Wet, Dirty, & Happy-Tired Boy!



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The silver duct tape definitely gives it the Canine Bling... :lol: I can only imagine other things you can add to it......Hope he heals fast.

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What a smile!!

That's got to make you feel great... problem solved and that expression is the ultimate reward.

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