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Now that you point that out I see that it happens everywhere all the time! Especially in the highway while traveling in very heavy vehicles at high rates of speed!

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Hi all, so sorry I did not check in sooner!! Holiday preparations got me a little sidetracked and I'd been spending most of my free time outside with the dogs while the weather was nice.


Tamarack took about a week to fully recover (though if you'd have asked him he'd have been ready to go go go the next day), or at least that's how long the cough stuck around. I figured the cough was a pretty good indication of what was going on internally, so I waited until it disappeared completely before allowing him unrestrained exercise, and now he's very much back to normal. I am so relieved it was as simple as that, and proud of him for handling it so well! I'm counting it as good practice for when he gets neutered.


We just got back from spending the weekend at my parents' house for Christmas where T experienced his first party setting. How well behaved he was! Normally he is following me around the house at a fast trot and constantly tuned in to every little thing going on around him, but the moment people started arriving and filling up the living room it was like a switch flipped in his brain and he plopped down on the dog bed and zonked out for the rest of the night. Lots of comments on how mature he is for his age, which is, as of last Friday, 6 months! Puppyhood sure does fly by...


I hope everyone had a good holiday and/or weekend! Tamarack and Cairo combined got a nice new teaser toy, a hide-a-squirrel, a new frisbee, and a chuckit for Christmas. Spoiled much? :rolleyes:

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Oh thank heavens.

So glad to hear that Tam is all better (and maybe wiser)!

Glad there was nothing broken or truly damaged. I/we have been wondering about how he was doing.

Would you believe that members messaged me to see if I had heard any news outside forum posts? I love how close knit this group is, and how we stick together and support and help each other.

No other breed like it. And that segues into my next topic of: Way to go Tamarack! Good boy impressing the guests with your maturity and understanding. Love it when they "get" things like that. He may not be fully mature, but he understands so much at such a young age. Love these dogs!

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Wheeeeeeeeew! So glad Tamarack is healed. That was definitely a scary situation. HE definitely sounds like a great "party dog." That is so cool that he just found his "spot," and watched the goings on from afar. :ph34r: I can only imagine the view from his prospective.....lots of vertical limbs that keep moving around, with no specific pattern other than they are always in pairs. Too much to thread through.....Smart dog. :lol:

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Great news about Tam....& how he handled the crowds of holiday revelers. The stories I'm hearing are amazing...I can't wait!

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Chinatola, you're in for a wild and fun ride... T is only 6 months and already I'm getting nostalgic about his puppy days! But more so than that I am excited to see the dog he's growing into because even at this young age he is continually impressing me.


T is definitely wiser after the 'crash'. I noticed yesterday while we were playing with his new toys in a room that has a couple vertical poles that he checked his position relative to those poles - and caught himself much earlier than he ever has before when nearing one, even at a full on sprint. Definitely a relief to see.


Re: the party - it wasn't a particularly big party, just some family friends visiting, but we definitely filled a couple rooms and though folks were mostly just sitting and chatting, I think it was just too much New for him to process. He just knew how to handle it appropriately, though it's certainly not anything I've ever taught him.


I brought my camera along for the ride and got plenty of pics of him having a blast in my parents' yard, which is a veritable jungle compared to ours back home. All the more fun for zoomie games of catch-me-if-you-can!


7.jpg 14.jpg

(reminds me a lot of Wicca here)/Trying to get me to chase him

10.jpg 19.jpg


We got a nice dusting of snow Christmas morning

17.jpg 30.jpg

24.jpg 23.jpg

39.jpg 33.jpg

40.jpg 52.jpg

This was a failed attempt at getting us all in a pic together... T wasn't too fond of the idea of breaching Cairo's personal bubble. The golden mix is my parents' 14.5 yr old girl, Nikki, the dog I grew up with. She's a little senile as well as mostly deaf and loathes Tamarack, who desperately wants to be her best friend (and tries to snuggle up next to her on the dog pillow :rolleyes:)

62.jpg 68.jpg



He's also getting along very well with my parents' cats who are not very keen on new dogs. This guy here is my mom's 16 yr old cat who normally hides in the basement whenever T is around. This visit, however, he realized that one swat to the face would gain instant respect from Tamarack, allowing him to relax and act his usual old goofy self.


I love these two pics because of the subtlety of the communication between them. It's all in the ears..



That's it for now. Sorry for the picture dump B)

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Fantastic pics Woodrat! Looks like he is growing into a lovely young dog :wub: and yes, I remember fondly the baby-puppy phase... *wistful sigh*

Post pictures to your heart's content. They are only puppies once!


Love the last 2 pics. Yep, know that half-ear "Uh oh. What?- I wasn't thinkin' nuthin.." LOL

Seen it many times in our house as well. And watch the angle of their head/face, there is a world of expression there too.

Love this shot of J, and the whole paragraph of what is going through his mind. :)


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Yes. What a gorgeous dog. Hey, and nice shot of Jasper, too!

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Yes, what a beautiful pic of Jasper!! I love his coyote-eyes, so striking and handsome.. Neat collar too, where'd you get it? Been looking for a decent 'adult' collar for T lately.


We've been out and about a lot this week - finally decided to give T a chance to prove himself on an off leash hike in our back woods, and holy cow did he ever. He stays right with me the whole time. The first time I hopped across a stream he had a panicked bark-attack because he couldn't figure out how to get to me LOL. Didn't take him long to figure that one out. If he ever strays a little too far ahead, I duck behind a big tree and it's only a matter of seconds before he realizes he's 'lost' me and comes flying back to wherever he last saw me with his eyes practically bugging out of his head.





And just a couple videos of him from the past week; one of his first hike and the other of him playing with his new Christmas present which he adores above all else.





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found the collar Here tho be warned, it is not the typical RuggedNylon type collar, it is fabric and trim. Tho very well made, I would not rate it as chew resistant in any way. lol

We have since switched to This one which I also like. And they have a Lifetime Guarantee *even if chewed!* and considering a few of his rough/tumble buddies at our local dog park like to grapple with collars.. And Jill at P.E. is da-bomb. Awesome service and knowledge and just a great lady. Highly recommend her company to anyone!

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What a great dog toy. where did you get it? Danza would love that - it even squeaks.


His coat is so pretty! I didn't realize how much brown he had. He's a really handsome dog.

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The buggie whip toy! We love that! So fun, and you can wear them out in a small space.


Are those the rocks where you have taken so may great pics of T? You can really see how he has grown.

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Hey- I have a stuff-less squirrel and a local feed store that sells 'buggy whips' I can probably fab one quite easily!

Yay- yard/run/fun for JJ! Thanks Woodrat


And just to save time Wr, just msg me permission to use Tam's pics in next year's calendar. lol :)

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Thanks for the collar info - I just love that design. I like Lupine collars too, especially cause they're guaranteed for life (they're made here in NH so they're all over the place!), but I wish they were made of a softer feeling material.


The buggie whip toy can be found here and it's definitely worth the money (or could probably be made easily enough - sounds like you're onto it, Starghoti!). It's the only toy T can seemingly play with forever without getting bored. Tired, yes, but never bored lol. He's gotten very clever about it; once he catches it I often try to sneak it out of his grip really quickly the moment he releases his jaws to get a better hold, so he's come up with a solution: he pins down the rope with one paw before letting go so that when I try to 'steal' it he can just step on it and hold tight LOL.


Starghoti, I did mean to send you a message saying you could use any of T's pics for the calendar, but I completely spaced it and by the time I remembered it was too late. Certainly didn't stop me from getting a calendar though. Such beautiful dogs, all of them!


Karen - his coat goes back and forth between 'black with dusty highlights' to 'deep reddish brown with tan highlights and black points' depending on the light. I call him my little chameleon. :)



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