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A small tribute to Rosie .... Some of the AI members that have been

around for awhile, may remember Rosie the older dog that Bill Hensing

rescued for us in MT or ND I think it was several years ago, she went to

the Belfour's in Canada. Rosie has passed on & here is a picture of her

(in the foreground) with there younger AI dog next to her.


Rosie had a great "rest of her life" with the Balfour's in BC Canada &

they are now on the waiting list for another pup. As there one AI dog is

very sad & needs a companion, along with the Belfour's I'm sure!


Thanks so much to Susan & Rick Belfour for giving Rosie a great life &

happy hunting to Rosie ... she'll be back, just in a different new body




Rick & Susan Belfour BC Canada



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